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Intier Automotive IDP Gateway Review

Intier Automotive IDP Gateway Review. Mini - Spartan Door Phase I - Open Mike Hier. Project Overview. Description. Support Intier Closures in developing a one piece door module integrating the carrier module with the A-surface trim panel.

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Intier Automotive IDP Gateway Review

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  1. Intier AutomotiveIDP Gateway Review Mini - Spartan Door Phase I - Open Mike Hier

  2. Project Overview Description • Support Intier Closures in developing a one piece door module integrating the carrier module with the A-surface trim panel. • Combine Industrial Design’s A-surface with Closure’s B-side structure to form one panel.

  3. Cost Tracking • Budget vs Actual • Closures to fund Advanced Engineering for Integrated Door Module Development

  4. Project Status - Timing • Planned 10/20/04 -12/7/04

  5. Phase One Gateway Deliverables -Show Theme Sketch for appearance direction -Provide an Update on data collection -Suggest Possible Materials and processes which support theme direction -Provide an evaluation of theme for feasibility Appearance Exploration Color/Finishes and Craftsmanship Targets Final Theme Evaluation Design Engineering A-Surface Material And Process Options Visible Fastening options -JK Door Data -Closure’s Data Data Collection

  6. Project Summary • Advanced Group to Support Closures Group • Target Vehicle - Generic Offroad • Jeep TJ Greenhouse Environment • Styling Theme - Design Studio • Carrier Structure - Closure’s Design • Substrate PPGF40% LFT • Evaluate A-Surface Cover Stock Options

  7. Project Team • Advanced Engineering • Mike Hier - Lead • Dan Wenglinski • Dan Beckley • Industrial Design • John Bleau – Lead • Steve Kowalski • Closure Engineering • Pierre Roy - Lead • Doug Broadhead • Arnold Yiu

  8. Objective • Create a New, Non-JK Appearance • Consider Assembly and Craftsmanship Execution • Integrate Component Carrier with Trim Panel • Trim Integration Validation • Fastening Strategy Validation • Appearance Validation

  9. Mini - SPARTAN Door Two-Shot Structure and “A” Surface Integral Inside Handle Assembly I/S Handle and Fasteners Integrated Integral Pull Handle Allows styling, tactile feel and multiple color flexibility Structural Carrier (PP 40% GRLF) Exposed Fasteners Map Pocket Eliminates Separate Bracket and Fasteners Commonized fasteners M6 fastener used to attach carrier to inner panel. Weld or Pierce nut in sheet metal. Reduced fastener count, styling feature Allows for multiple styling themes

  10. Mini - SPARTAN Door Window Regulator – Manual Power Integral Latch Presenter Integral Glass Run Channel with weatherstrip Glass Run Channel and Weatherstrip DCX Assembly is eliminated Latch Modular Assembly Simplified Provision for both mechanical and power system Structure Integral Module Indexing Pin Speaker Fastening Wiring Connections Two Staked Pins Eliminated Eliminates Wiring Harness Clips, Harness Pre-Installed and Tested on Modules

  11. A-Surface Options

  12. Future Plan Planned next steps • Open Phase II • Begin Development of Design theme direction • Finalize Design of all Surfaces • Build Tools • Mold Substrates • Select and Apply Cover Stock • Build Functional Properties

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