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Creative Writing Studies 2012 series catalogue

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Creative Writing Studies 2012 series catalogue

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Creative Writing Studies 2012 series catalogue

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  1. Creative Writing Studies2012 series catalogue

  2. 2012 titles Rethinking creative writing by Stephanie Vanderslice (January 2012) Teaching creative writing, edited by Elaine Walker (Summer 2012) Creative writing, edited by AmalChatterjee (Fall 2012)

  3. RETHINKING CREATIVE WRITING “Thoroughly researched, beautifully written, and [an] altogether important book” • Erika Dreifus in Practicing Writing In this passionate, iconoclastic, survey of Creative Writing as an academic discipline, Stephanie Vanderslice provides a provocative critique of existing practice. She challenges enduring myths surrounding creative writing – not least, that writers learn most from workshops. Through case studies of best practice from America and elsewhere, Vanderslice provides a vision of change, showing how undergraduate and postgraduate programs can be reformed to re-engage with contemporary culture. Stephanie Vandersliceis Associate Professor of Writing, University of Central Arkansas and co-editor of Can It Really Be Taught?: Resisting Lore in Creative Writing Pedagogy (Heinemann). Foreword by Steve May (Bath Spa Univ.). Publication date: 2012 (print), 2011 (e-book). Place of publication: Ely (UK). ISBNs: ePub edition: 978-1-907076-10-7 PDF edition: 978-1-907076-18-3 Hardback: 978-1-907076-13-8 Softback: 978-1-907076-31-2

  4. TEACHING CREATIVE WRITING “ This collection of writing exercises, directed at people who are new to the teaching of writing, or keen to reinvigorate their practice, has immensely practical potential.” • Australasian Association of Writing Programs Teaching Creative Writing: Practical Approaches is designed to showcase proven approaches developed by practitioners in the ever-growing community of writers in higher education. Aimed at enabling those who teach the subject to review, borrow, and adapt ideas, the emphasis throughout is on diversity: the international team of contributors covers a variety of forms and genres. These include traditional and innovative components of creative writing courses. Elaine Walker teaches Creative Writing for the University of Wales, Bangor, and the Open University. Her publications include a novel, The Horses (Cinnamon Press), non-fiction, Horse (Reaktion Books and Kalima Press), and poetry (Roundyhouse, Caught in the Net). She has edited texts by William Cavendish (Long Riders’ Guild Press) and Margaret Cavendish (Serendipity). Publication date: 2012. Place of publication: Ely (UK). ISBNs: ePub edition: 978-1-907076-15-2 PDF edition: 978-1-907076-48-0

  5. CREATIVE WRITING Creative Writing: Writers on Writing brings together eight original literary works by eight authors. Each work is accompanied by a reflective commentary written by its author. In addition to the literary interest of the works themselves and of the authors’ commentaries, the book serves a valuable pedagogic purpose. Many creative writing courses in higher education require students to write commentaries to accompany their pieces of creative writing – yet students often find this requirement challenging. Similarly, tutors sometimes find the writing of commentaries challenging to teach. The commentaries in Creative Writing:Writers on Writing are designed to provide models for discussion and analysis. Creative Writing:Writers on Writing thus combines literary appeal with critical insight and academic support. AmalChatterjeeis the author of Across the Lakes (a novel published by Phoenix House and Penguin India) and Representations of India 1740-1840 (Macmillan and St Martin’s Press). He teaches fiction on the M St course at the University of Oxford and on courses in Amsterdam and Zurich. Publication date: 2012. Place of publication: Ely (UK). ISBNs: ePub edition: 978-1-907076-14-5 PDF edition: 978-1-907076-33-6

  6. Distribution

  7. Library supply Copies of our e-book editions are available to libraries from a number of suppliers. They include: • MyiLibrary • Ebook Library • Dawsonera • ePub Direct

  8. E-book retailers We publish e-books in ePub, PDF, and Kindle formats. Copies are available from FirstyFish (UK), Amazon, Sony’s Reader Store and retailers supplied by ePubDirect, including: Australia: Fishpond Canada: Chapters – Indigo; Kobo Europe: TookBook Ireland: DirecteBooks New Zealand: Fishpond South Africa: eBookShop; Kalahari  UK: Book Depository USA: Barnes & Noble – Nook books; Diesel; Powells

  9. Retail: print copies Copies of print editions may be acquired readily from any recognised bookseller. Retailers may order copies from our distributors: • Central Books (UK and Rest of World) • Cadmus Communications (USA) A full bibliographical record is provided for retailers on Bowker and Nielsen.

  10. Read on the cloud Many of our publications may be read on the cloud (i.e. as a digital book without downloading) at 24symbols:

  11. Acquire translation rights Enquiries concerning acquisition of translation rights should be addressed to our rights representatives, Harriman House. Website: E-mail:

  12. The publishers

  13. From the directors We hope you like the list presented in this catalogue. If you have any comments, queries, or suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from you. Our contact details are on the following slide. Anthony Haynes and Karen Haynes, Directors, The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd

  14. Contact details: digital E-mail: Company website: Website for Creative Writing Studies imprint: On Twitter: @creawritstuds Publishing blog: Monographer’s Blog

  15. Contact details: physical Studio address (for correspondence): The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd, 4 The Links, Cambridge Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 0TG, UK Tel. UK (0)1638 663456 Registered company no. 6777037 Registered office: The Mill House, 21 High Street, Wicken, Ely, Cambs, CB7 5XR, UK