investment opportunity in bih agriculture n.
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Investment Opportunity in BiH Agriculture PowerPoint Presentation
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Investment Opportunity in BiH Agriculture

Investment Opportunity in BiH Agriculture

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Investment Opportunity in BiH Agriculture

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  1. Investment Opportunity in BiH Agriculture Raspberry production Rehabilitation and Health Care Center- RHCC

  2. Project overview - Raspberry production • 20 hectares of open field raspberry productionsusing high quality technology and seedlings, for export to Western European markets • Implementation of the latest standards for food production and food safety such as GlobalG.A.P. standard and HACCP. • Warehouse with cooling storage and lines for sorting and packaging of fruits • Securing high yieldsand qualityproducts with cooperation from top European agro firms

  3. Project location: BiH

  4. BiH is recognized supplier of raspberry in the internaitonal market • Product with higest export growth rate in last five years • Raspberry - highly demanded product in EU and other international markets • Good geographical position and climate conditions, soil and water resources • Experienced professionals with well estabished access to the EU market Why to invest in raspberry production?

  5. Proposed Deal Structure: Total investment in the project: 1.4 mil EUR

  6. Total investment in the project: 1.4 mil EUR • Total investment in two years – 1,4 mil EUR • (60% in the first year, 40% in the second year) • Raspberry plantation – 20ha • Cooling capacities • Operational expenditures • Payback period – 4-6 years

  7. Management team Key personnel isa diversified, skilled and experienced group of professionals: Senad Blekić - is general manager and owner /partner of the company Investor ltd Sarajevo with a well know Turkish businessmen Mr. MuzafferCilek. Investor company in involvedin agriculture production and food production as well as import and food distribution in B&H. Main customers are largest retail chains in the country. The company is also a key supplier for Mc Donald’s company in B&H. Senad has more than 15 years of experience in strategic sales and international sales, negotiations, product development and marketing. Senad had held top sales management positions in the companies in which was working, e.g. Sales Manager for Arrow Electronics (13 billion USD turnover) in Norway, Sales Manager for Europe in offshore and defense industry. Senad received his education in business development and strategic sales and marketing in Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), London (UK) and Munich ( Germany). Senad speaks Bosnian, Swedish and English and has Bosnian and Swedish citizenships. Eldina Muftić – Master degree in agriculture. Edlina is agriculture expert with over 17 years of professional experience. Eldina has rich international experience in organisation of berry production and food safety standards and quality control. Eldina is owner of AgroLink Sarajevo. AgroLink is involved in consulting in agro-business industry and works with large international projects and local agro-businesses. Eldina speaks English and Swedish. Nežla Adilagić – Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Delaware, USA. Nezla is agro-business development expert with over 16 years of professional experience. Nezla has broad experience in business development, economics and financial management. Nezla is owner of AgroLink Sarajevo. Nezla speaks English.

  8. Company profile:Consortium of Investor and AgroLink The main activity of the Consortium: Agriculture and Fruit and Vegetable production Company Size: SMETotal annual income:500,000 EUR Capital company:privateYear established:2007Number of employees:15