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Theories of globalization and development

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  1. Theories of globalization and development

  2. Globalization • Integration of economies • Free movement of capital • Cultural integration • Global IT communication • Political links

  3. Origins of globalization • Early migration • Trading between continents • Merchantilism • Global capitalist expansion • Colonialism • Rise in global communication systems • Wars

  4. Sociological aspects • Cultural homogenization of world • Changes in people’s identity • Changes in cultural values • Assimilation of new values • Creation of common cultural space

  5. Agents of globalization • Transnational Corporations • States • International Financial Institutions: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization • Civil society organizations • Influential individuals • Community groups

  6. Globalization and development theories • Development theories explain globalization • Modernization theory: Evolution of society • Dependency theory: Interdependent nature of globalization • Underdevelopment theory: Some develop and some become underdeveloped • World systems theory: System of domination and dependency

  7. Globalization debate • Level playing field vs global hierarchy • Equal participation vs marginalization • Liberation vs hegemony • Local vs global

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