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2011 Awards & Business Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Awards & Business Meeting

2011 Awards & Business Meeting

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2011 Awards & Business Meeting

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  1. 2011 Awards & Business Meeting Neil Boyd Division Chair

  2. Welcome • Awards Ceremony • Committee/Officer Reports • New Business • PNP Social Agenda

  3. Best Dissertation Sponsored by Jossey-Bass Sue Faerman -Chair Sources of Organizational Similarity and Divergence: Essays on Decision Making and Change in Danish Municipalities Using Organizational Institutionalism Anders Ryom Villadsen University of Twente, Netherlands Awards Ceremony

  4. Best Book Don Moynihan - Chair Accountability, Legitimacy and the Design of Global Governance Jonathan Koppell Arizona State University Awards Ceremony

  5. Best Article Branda Nowell- Chair Is Private Production of Public Services Cheaper than Public Production? A Meta-regression Analysis Germa Bel – Universitat de Barcelona Xavier Fageda– Universitat de Barcelona Mildred Warner– Cornell University Awards Ceremony

  6. Charles H. Levine Best Conference Paper Sponsored by the Routledge The Italian Operatic Sector after Privatization and HRM: A Critical Reflection Marcello Mariani University of Bologna Awards Ceremony

  7. Walk on By: The Performance Effects of Regulatory Oversight Kristin Wilson-Harvard Stan Veuger-Harvard Awards Ceremony Best Doctoral StudentConference Paper Sponsored by Sage Donor Motivation and Recipient Selection in Online Philanthropy: A Case Study of Jessica Richman-Oxford &

  8. Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship Committee Kim Isett, chair, Columbia University/Georgia Tech ElioBorgonovi, Bocconi University Stephen Osborne, Univ of Edinborough Gerhard Speckbacher, Vienna University of Economics and Management Awards Ceremony

  9. Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship Sponsored by Bocconi University Affective Commitment and Variability in the Organizational Climate of Government Offices Russell Hassan – Ohio State University John Rohrbaugh – Albany University Awards Ceremony

  10. Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee Organizing Prisons through Public-Private Partnerships: A Cross-Country Investigation Sandro Cabral Stephane Saussier Awards Ceremony

  11. Committee and Officer Reports: 2010-2011

  12. Associate Editors Jane Banaszak-Holl – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Kirsten Grønbjerg – Indiana University Deneen Hatmaker – University of Connecticut Kim Isett – Columbia University/Georgia Tech Jeryl Mumpower – Texas A& M University May Seitanidi - The University of Nottingham Amy E. Smith – University of Massachusetts 2011 Program Chair Report Avner Ben-Ner, University of Minnesota

  13. Program 2010 2011 All paper sessions 14 24 Paper Sessions (DP) 7 Roundtable Sessions (DRP) 5 Discussion Sessions (DISP) 2 Cross-divisional Sessions (CDP) 10 Symposia (SYMP) 6 7 Several sessions are joint with other divisions Papers submitted 140 137 Papers accepted 68 71 Acceptance rate 48.5% 51.8% 2011 Program Chair ReportAvner Ben-Ner

  14. - 12 Student papers were selected 14 International themed papers were selected 3 out of the 7 are internationally themed and represented 36 Accepted papers were submitted outside of the United States (18 different countries) 2011 Program Chair ReportAvner Ben-Ner

  15. Reviews 2009 2010 2011* Reviews Submitted 445 411 459 Reviewers 148 235 160 *Including Associate Editor assignments 2011 Program Chair Report Avner Ben-Ner

  16. 8 great PDWs on: Extreme Events Managerial Flow Haven for Hope Cross-Sectoral Partnerships Quality Improvement Captains of Lives Social Entrepreneurship International Comparative Healthcare Sponsored additional PDWs with ONE, MOC, SIM, ENT, PTC, GDO, OM, OMT, and others 2011 PDW Chair ReportEric Martin

  17. Doctoral Consortium • DeneenHatmaker and Amy Smith, Coordinators • 34 students from 28 universities and 7 countries • 14 faculty from 11 universities Craig Boardman Sanjay Pandey Sue Faerman Keith Provan Mary Feeney Karl Rethemeyer Russell Hassan John Rohrbaugh Kim Isett Chris Silvia Sonia Ospina Jeannette Taylor Laurie Paarlberg Brad Wright Sponsors University of Massachusetts - Boston, McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies University at Albany - SUNY, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy University of Connecticut, Department of Public Policy 2011 PDW Chair ReportEric Martin

  18. 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  19. 5-Year Division Review We coordinated and completed a review of our division, a strategic planning exercise, and submitted a 5-Year Review Report to AOM. Based on reviewing division statistics, a division survey to members, and experiential knowledge we proposed the following: 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  20. 5-Year Division Review Committee Recommendations • Recommendation #1: The PNP division should increase its focus on research, teaching, and creating opportunities for social connections for our members. • Recommendation #2: The PNP Division should attempt to increase participation rates in reviewing, PDW creation, and serving as session chairs or discussants. • Recommendation #3: The PNP Division should attempt to increase the number of traditional and divisional paper sessions, modify the cross-divisional and divisional roundtable formats, and significantly decrease or eliminate the poster and visual sessions. • Recommendation #4: The PNP Division should incrementally tweak networking and collaborative activities with AOM members outside of the division, and to continue working on the same with international members. • Recommendation #5: The PNP Division should study the issue of communication by evaluating the function, content, and frequency of the newsletter, website, and listserv of the division. 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  21. We submitted our report to the Division & Interest Group Relations Committee and WE PASSED! We’re back in business for another 5 Years! Here is what they said: • Congratulations! The Division and Interest Group Relations (DIGR) Committee of the Academy of Management is pleased to recommend the renewal of the Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division for another five years. • In reviewing your division report, DIGR committee members were asked to identify what they see as the Division’s strengths and challenges, and then to share recommendations that may help the division improve services to its members. • We hope that our feedback will help you continue to strengthen the Division and to accomplish our shared goal of creating a strong Academy of Management that provides excellent opportunities for its membership. Please recall that an important element of the review process is for division leaders to share the report and review results in an open letter to their membership, via the website or e-mail. • Thank you again for your very well-done report. We were impressed with the energy and self-reflection that are evident here. 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  22. STRENGTHS The overall sentiment on the Division and Interest Group Relations (DIGR) Committee is that the PNP Division is a strong, thriving division, with healthy membership growth and satisfied members. Steady and healthy growth over the past five years, with particularly increases in international, new, and student membership. The PNP division membership has increased by 19.56% over 5 years, compared with a 16.56% increase for the Academy during that time. Both domestic (7.25% versus 1.59%) and International (50.45% versus 36.20%) 5 year growth for PNP exceeds that of the Academy overall. Growth in students and new members also exceeds that of the Academy overall. Consistent with a relatively new division, most members are relatively new. Sixty-seven percent of PNP Division members have been members 7 years or less. This indicates something attracted them to join, rather than a mentality of simply always having been a member. This newness and possible excitement is advantageous for generating commitment, volunteerism, and continued goodwill. Members are quite satisfied with the division and the meeting program. Eighty percent of the members are satisfied with the sense of community within the division. PNP members were very satisfied with social and networking opportunities with strong scores in satisfied to very satisfied (84%) and the highest percent reporting extremely satisfied (18%). Paper sessions also achieved high ratings with 84% reporting satisfied to extremely satisfied, and 14% reporting extremely satisfied. Symposia were rated very strongly too with 76% stating they were satisfied to very satisfied. 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  23. CHALLENGES In an effort to help the PNP Division improve, the DIGR committee also notes several challenges that may face the Division over the next five years: Relatively low reviewer participation. Twenty-one percent of respondents report reviewing every year and another 24% reviewed a few times during the last five years. This somewhat low rate of reviewing may be a reflection of newness and lack of confidence in the relevant research, but bears attention. Sixty-one percent of members have never volunteered in any manner to serve the division. Many “neutral” ratings in the survey. Although they are technically “satisfied” ratings, for most categories, the “satisfied” far outnumbers the “extremely” or “very” satisfied individual ratings. For example, the sense of community, opportunity to influence division, opportunity to become involved in the division, and efforts to reach out to international members are all in the mid-40%s range (for “satisfied”). As a new and small division, seeing more of the latter ratings would be positive. What can be done to move these members to the more satisfied categories? 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  24. RECOMMENDATIONS The DIGR Committee supports the very specific suggestions of the PNP Division leadership in their report. A few additional thoughts from the committee: Encourage members’ participation in reviewing and other service activities. Volunteers are critical to the future success and growth of the division. Reviewing workshops may help those who are unfamiliar with reviewing increase confidence, while also exposing them to existing research. Consider ways to improve visibility of the division in the Academy. The domain of the division is increasingly relevant in various contexts, and Academy members need to know about it. All-Academy session submissions may be one such venue to increase awareness of the division and its intellectual contributions. Increase sense of community through improved member communication, activities, and outreach. Communication issues run through many of the areas of “satisfaction” from the member survey, and are already present in many of the PNPs self-study report’s ideas for improvement. Professional Development Workshops, open to participants may increase interest in the field as well. As the division develops an action plan for the next five years, please consider where your plans might align with the Academy’s strategic plan, or if you have projects or initiatives that support the four strategic intent areas of Internationalism, State of the Profession, Professional Impact, and Academy Management. Through the “Strategic Doing” proposal process, there is funding available to Divisions and Interest Groups to help support initiatives and projects that advance member service and scholarly activity under these 4 strategic intent areas. The Board encourages you to develop a proposal and apply for these available resources, and in so doing, support not just the goals of your division, but the Academy community as a whole. 2010-11 Division Chair ReportNeil Boyd

  25. Nominations & Elections ReportNeil Boyd DIVISION PROGRAM CHAIR Term: 4 years (8/15/2011 - 8/15/2015) George Alexander Boyne, Cardiff University

  26. Nominations & Elections ReportNeil Boyd MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE MEMBER Term: 3 years (8/15/2011 - 8/15/2014) Rebecca Tekula, Pace University CHAIR, BEST ARTICLE AWARD COMMITTEE Term: 1 year (8/15/2011 - 8/15/2012) Mary K. Feeney, University of Illinois - Chicago

  27. Nominations & Elections ReportNeil Boyd CHAIR, BEST BOOK AWARD COMMITTEE Term: 1 year (8/15/2011 - 8/15/2012) Ralph Brower, Florida State University CHAIR, BEST DISSERTATION AWARD COMMITTEE Term: 1 year (8/15/2011 - 8/15/2012) W Bartley Hildreth, Georgia State University Matthew Liao-Troth, Georgia College & State University

  28. Our Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter is available on our website and on AoM Connect • Our Special Edition 2011 Newsletter that contains the full program of PNP activities at this year’s meeting is available on our website and on AoM Connect • We would like to increase the frequency with which our members’ work is cited so please let us know of any publications that you have had accepted or actually published in the last year so that we may include them in our newsletter. • Please share other member-related news such as job postings, career moves, promotions, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! 2011 PNP Secretary ReportKira Kristal Reed

  29. Financial Report Joy Smith, treasurer

  30. Balance Sheet -- 2011 *$2000 additional in prior unpaid pledges pending

  31. Food and Beverage Costs

  32. Membership Allocation

  33. Donations • Rockefeller College – University at Albany - $1,000 • University of Connecticut – Storrs $300 • University of Massachusetts-Boston – $150 • Carlson School – University of Minnesota – $2,500 • Membership Allocation $8,807 • Balance forward $5,322 2011 Income

  34. Endowment

  35. Membership Committee Laurie Paarlberg

  36. Types of Members

  37. New Business

  38. 5-Year Division Report Incoming Division Chair’s Report Kim Isett

  39. Leaving executive board • Division chair – Neil Boyd • Treasurer – Joy Turnheim Smith • PDW Chair - Eric C. Martin Leaving division committees – end of term • Membership committee chair, Laurie Paarlberg • PMRA Liaison 2008-2011, James Perry • Best Article award committee, Branda Nowell • Best Book award committee, Don Moynihan • Best Dissertation award committee, Sue Faerman • International Liaison, May Seitanidi, Nottingham University “Thank you” …

  40. Thanks to our sponsors - Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota - SDA, Bocconi University - McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts – Boston - Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany - Department of Public Policy , University of Connecticut

  41. PNP Social 6:30PM – 8:00PM The Marriott Rivercenter Salon A

  42. See you next year… In boston