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  1. Easter

  2. Great Lent The rite of Easter is celebrated to commemorate the martyrdom and resurrection of Jesus. Easter is preceded by forty days of fasting. Jesus Christ was the son of God sent to redeem the sins of people. Christ knew what to expect and what has to fulfill its mission to complete so he went to the desert for forty days and forty nights where he fasted, prayed and was tempted by Satan, who is the principal author of sin.

  3. Ash Wednesday • In the Christian faith in preparation for Easter begins on Ash Wednesday, during which in the Church priest sprinkled ashes on the head of the faithful saying "thou art dust and to dust you shallreturn”, which means that after death we will change to dust. On this day spaces strict fast quantitative and qualitative.

  4. Lamentations During the forty-day fasting is celebrated every Sunday worship in the churches of Lamentations that people are lamenting the suffering and death of Jesus and his mother Mary, who was deeply in pain.

  5. Way of the cross • During this time, it is also celebrated the devotion of Way of the cross, which is the way of the Lord Jesus to die from the scourging, to the crucifixion on Mount Calvary.

  6. Palm Sunday • On the last Sunday before Easter, the faithful carry palm trees to the church, which are then sprinkled with holy water. It is a reminder of entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when the people believe in him, they laid palm branches before entering on the donkey Jesus.

  7. After Palm Sunday is Holy Week, which commemorates the last days of Christ. This is a great time for reconciliation and cleaning. This period lasts from Monday to Wednesday.

  8. Maundy Thursday • Thursday is called the Great, because that day Jesus ate with his disciples the last supper by giving them bread, saying, "(...) this is my body (...)" and wine saying, "(...) this is my blood (...)" then went on the olive garden, where one of his disciples, Judas betrayed him, and thus fulfill the will of God. That night Jesus was arrested and sentenced to death on the cross.

  9. Good Friday On Friday, which is called the Great, Jesus walked in the way of the Cross, carrying his cross to Golgotha​​, where He was crucified. Before returning to His Father who is in heaven, exclaimed, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit!"

  10. Holy Saturday • On Saturday, our great tradition requires celebrate foods that are eaten only after the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that is, Easter Sunday.

  11. Easter Sunday The Day when the Lord Jesus is risen, that conquered death. On this day, all Christians are very happy.

  12. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are called the Easter Triduum.

  13. Śmigus Dyngus • On the second day of Easter, that is also known as Śmigus Dyngus is a tradition dousing with water, and nobody isn’t angry for this reason.

  14. Family Activities In family houses we are painting Easter eggs, baked lamb, which are a symbol of the Risen Lord Jesus, in small pots we sown theOats, which then is a table decoration.

  15. Easter breakfast • During the Easter breakfast at the table we share the blessed eggs, we make a wish, recite prayers for the dead people from our families and eat a festive meal. After breakfast, according to tradition, we visit our relatives in sharing the wonderful news of the resurrection of our Lord's greeting ”Christ is Risen” and response ”is truly risen”.

  16. Food During the Easter also prepare food, such as soup, borscht, baked plantain, various types of cakes, cookies and salads. All dishes are complemented paigns: eggs, horseradish, sausages, and salt.

  17. The atmosphere in our homes In our homes a truly festive atmosphere, we wear festive clothes, and we are also polite to each other.

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