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  1. Welcome Introductions Program Outline 1. Introduction to Naviance 2. Preparing for College and Career 3. Choosing a College 4. Break 5. Applying to College Benvenuti
  2. College and Career Planning Workshop

    Presented by the RFA Guidance Department March 12 and 19, 2013
  3. High School GPA vs. Rigor - Most colleges would rather see students challenge themselves (80’s in honors vs. 90’s in regents) Honors (page 8), Dual Credit, Advanced placement (Page 9 and 10) As students progress and develop it is good to continue to challenge themselves BOCES (page 11) vs. RFA Choosing classes based on future career (refer to college requirements)
  4. Choosing a College… It’s A Process!Students need to take charge.Begins during sophomore year.Start visiting various college campuses.Identify your Preferences:Size of Campus (RFA 1600) Sm. 1,000 – 3,000 students Med. 3,000 – 6,000 Lrg. 6,000+
  5. Location Close to home? (commute/overnight visit home) Not too far away from home? (weekend visit home) Far from home? (school breaks)
  6. School Type 2 yr. College (Associates Degree) 4 yr. College (Bachelors Degree) Public (SUNY) vs. Private College-Costs Activities/Sports Clubs, Internships Study Abroad Competitive vs. Intramural Sports
  7. Narrow/Expand List of Colleges to Five (5) Consider your identified preferences Research college websites Utilize resources: -Naviance, SUNY Booklets, Private School Booklets Do they have your major(s) of interest? How selective are the colleges? How do your SAT scores compare? How does your GPA measure up?
  8. How to Rank Order your List of 5 Colleges: Continue Visiting Colleges Look for Open Houses Dates on College Websites Schedule Tours of College Campuses - Call/email Admissions Counselor to schedule tour. - Visit college campuses while classes are in session. - Excused absence from RFA with college letterhead - Ask to sit in on a class, meet with a coach. Arrange for an overnight visit. If possible, arrange for an interview with an admissions counselor for your #1choice. Parents can accompany, but students should do the talking!
  9. Attend the College Fair @ RFA usually (2nd Wed. in Oct.) 100+ college representatives attend Visit with College Admissions Counselors in small groups in the guidance office conference room Be Prepared! 1st Impression with Admissions Counselor Write down pertinent questions ahead of time Introduce yourself/Good Eye Contact/Shake hands If especially interested in a particular college, ask for business card
  10. In Conclusion: Each student needs to go through their own exploration and research process with support from their parents. The time and cost devoted to this process of “Choosing a College” is well invested… It will assist your child in making one of the most important decisions of their life. The student who goes through all aspects of this process may be more likely to be happy at college and remain and be successful at the college they found to be the best “fit” for their individual needs, likes, and dislikes…
  11. 10 Minute Break Refreshments available in lobby
  12. Applying to College September of Senior Year Finalize list of schools you will apply to Including safety school, dream school and a few others. Continue Campus visits Develop Organizational System Take note of Application Deadlines Applications should be finished by Thanksgiving NCAA Clearinghouse
  13. Filling out Application Common App or SUNY App (Naviance) Free applications on school web sites Fee waivers at college visits
  14. Application Vocabulary Rolling Admission Early Decision Early Action Regular Admission
  15. Making A Decision Types of Decisions Early Decision Accepted Denied Waitlisted Delayed
  16. Important Parts of College Application College Essay Letters of recommendation (who it should be –who it shouldn’t be) Transcript/scores Supplemental Fees Portfolios/Auditions/Interview
  17. Making decisions Visit campus you plan to attend Compare Financial Aid packages Sign and submit acceptance letter Make a deposit
  18. Questions? See you next week