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ISFAC. October 10, 2014. ILLINOIS STATE FREIGHT ADVISORY COUNCIL. Importance of Freight in Illinois Subcommittees Freight Corridor Identification & Performance Safety, Security, & Environment Innovation, Technology & Trends Regional Freight Planning & Development

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  1. ISFAC • October 10, 2014 ILLINOIS STATE FREIGHT ADVISORY COUNCIL • Importance of Freight in Illinois • Subcommittees • Freight Corridor Identification & Performance • Safety, Security, & Environment • Innovation, Technology & Trends • Regional Freight Planning & Development • Future Meetings & Activities

  2. National • GROW AMERICA ACT - $10 Billion for Freight Transportation • Multimodal Freight Incentive Program • National Freight Infrastructure Program • Project Delivery Initiatives • State Freight Advisory Committees ~ State Freight Committee Analyses • U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee • New National Freight Program – State Formula • Projects of National & Regional Significance • NEPA Streamlining • New Critical Urban Freight Corridors / Intermodal Connectors • State Freight Committee Requirement • State Freight Investment Strategy ~ Local & MPO’s Input

  3. National • National Freight Advisory Committee (NFAC) • Recommendations for Development of National Freight Strategic Plan • Assessment of Barriers, Identification of Best Practices, and Mitigation of Community Impacts • Multimodal Context • Safety & Security, Streamlining, Harmonization of Policy, Regulations and Programs, Research, Technology, Education & Training • Three Ad hoc Committees on Planning, Safety, and Workforce Development

  4. Illinois Freight Facts • 3rd in the nation for trucking volume • 3rd in the nation for rail volume • 2nd in rail intermodal traffic • Served by ALL seven Class-1 railroads • At the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and via the Illinois River connects them to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean • Freight hubs are essential to Illinois’ position in the business logistics system

  5. Illinois Freight Advisory Council Mission The mission of the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council (ISFAC) is to provide a standing forum for coordination of freight multimodal planning in the State of Illinois in order to enhance the benefits of every mode, improve intermodal connection, and sustain the State’s position as the primary freight hub of the United States.

  6. ISFAC Purpose • Advise the State on freight related priorities, issues, projects, and funding needs • Communicate and coordinate regional priorities and information between public and private sector regarding freight industry and system needs • Promote the interests of Illinois in improving the freight system

  7. ISFAC Structure • Chaired by the Secretary of Transportation and the Executive Director of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority • Composed of 44 members representing shippers, manufacturers, the agriculture industry, railroads, port districts, truckers, airports, local departments of transportation, and others with expertise in the area of freight.

  8. Members • Ed Barry, Chicago Laborers District Council • Bruce Bird, Macon County Engineer • Randall Blankenhorn, CMAP • Benjamin Brockschmidt, Illinois Chamber of Commerce • Kate Brown, Truck Safety Coalition • Christopher Clott, University of St. Francis • Ray Drake, UPS • Omar Duque, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce • James Ford, Clayco Inc. • Michael Forde, Illinois International Port District • Eric Gilbert, CenterPoint Properties • John Greuling, Will County Center for Economic Development • Jeff Gurnik, APL Ltd • Merritt Harrison, Maritime Delivery Services, Inc • Matthew Hart, Illinois Trucking Association • Wes Lujan, Union Pacific Railroad • ShoshiwaMabina, City Colleges of Chicago • Mike McCarthy, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis • William McInerney, Phoenix International Freight Services, Ltd. • Robert Nathan, Load Delivered Logistics, LLC

  9. Members • Libby Ogard, Prime Focus, LLC • Ed O’Neil, Caterpillar, Inc. • Yangeng Ouyang, University of Illinois • Paul Piekarski, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen • Mark Poulos, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting • Adam Roth, NAI Hiffman • Kevin Rund, Illinois Farm Bureau • Kenneth Ryan, Chicago Rockford International Airport • Donald Schaefer, Mid-West Truckers Association • Rebekah Scheinfeld, City of Chicago Department of Transportation • Mark Schweitzer, Archer Daniels Midland Company • Scott Sigman, Illinois Soybean Association • Robert Stock, Stock Transport, Inc. • Bill Taft, Growmark, Inc • Thomas Vander Woude, South Suburban Mayors & Managers • Larry Walsh, Will County • Jim Watson, Illinois Petroleum Council • Paul Wellhausen, Lewis & Clark Fleeting, LLC • James Wolfe, Knight Partners, LLC • John Yonan, Cook County Department of Transportation

  10. ISFAC Structure • Work Performed Through Four Subcommittees • Freight Corridor Identification & Performance (connections, bottlenecks/chokepoints, grade separations, first/last mile, congestion) • Safety, Security & Environment (environmental impacts, community impacts, hazardous materials, aging infrastructure, hours of service, homeland security) • Innovation, Technology, & Trends (real time data, streamline project delivery, performance metrics) • Regional Freight Planning & Development (economic development funding, freight collaboration)

  11. Council Timeline May 12, 2014 July 22, 2014 November, 2014 June 30, 2014 October 15, 2014 January, 2015

  12. Further Information • http://www.idot.illinois.gov/transportation-system/transportation-management/planning/illinois-freight-advisory-council/index

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