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  1. THE COUNTY OF YUBA OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000

  2. Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000* • The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) requires: • hazard mitigation planning as a part of the Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. • Local government entities are required: • to develop and submit local hazard mitigation plans by November 1, 2004 to be eligible to receive federal hazard mitigation grant program (HMGP) funds. * Public Law 106-390

  3. DMA 2000 • Increases the emphasis on multi-agency integrated planning for reducing disaster costs in terms of loss of life, loss of property, and economic disruption • Emphasizes the local government’s responsibility for mitigation of hazards • Increases the emphasis placed on state and local planning to: • Assess risks • Implement loss reduction measures • Ensure critical services/facilities survive a disaster

  4. Risk Assessments • Risk assessments should provide: • The factual basis for activities proposed in the strategy to reduce losses fromidentified hazards. • Sufficient information to enable the jurisdiction to identify and prioritize appropriate mitigation actions to reduce losses from identified hazards. 44 CFR Part 201.6(c)(2)

  5. Risk Assessment • The plan must include: • a description of the type, location, and extent of all natural hazards that can affect the jurisdiction. • information on previous occurrences of hazard events and on the probability of future hazard events. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(2)(i)

  6. Risk Assessment • The Plan must include: • a description of the jurisdiction’s vulnerability to each identified hazard • an overall summary of each identified hazard and its impact on the community. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(2)(ii)

  7. Vulnerability • The plan should include: • A description of vulnerability – • types and numbers of existing buildings, • infrastructure, and critical facilities • An estimate for each identified hazard of the potential dollar losses to vulnerable structures identified • A description of the methodology used to prepare the estimates.

  8. Vulnerability (continued) The vulnerability description should also include a discussion of future buildings infrastructure and critical facilities, and the potential human and economic impact that each identified hazard would have on the jurisdiction. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(ii)(A) & (B)

  9. Mitigation Strategy The Plan must include a mitigation strategy that provides the jurisdiction’s blueprint for reducing the potential losses identified in the risk assessment based on existing authorities, policies, programs and resources, and its ability to expand on and improve these existing tools. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(3)

  10. Mitigation Strategy (Continued) The Mitigation Strategy shall address FEMA’s Floodplain Map Modernization Program and Repetitive Loss Initiative including: prioritization of mitigation measures towards repetitive loss properties; fulfillment of CRS planning requirements, and FEMA’s on-going field and database verification projects for repetitive loss properties.

  11. Local Hazard Mitigation Goals The Plan shall include a description of mitigation goals to reduce or avoid long-term vulnerabilities to the identified hazards. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(3)(i)

  12. Identification & Analysis of Mitigation Measures The Plan shall include a section that identifies, evaluates, and analyzes a comprehensive range of specific mitigation actions and projects being considered to reduce the effects of each hazard identified, with particular emphasis on new and existing buildings and infrastructure. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(3)(ii)

  13. Implementation of Mitigation Measures The plan shall include an action plan describing how the actions identified will be prioritized, implemented, and administered by the local jurisdiction. This Section shall include the implementation timeline; the funding sources or other resources that will be used to implement the strategy, when possible; and the agency or personnel responsible for carrying out these actions. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(3)(iii)

  14. Implementation of Mitigation Measures For FEMA program funding these mitigation measures must be cost effective, environmentally sound and technically feasible. The local jurisdiction and the State must prioritize the measures based on these criteria.

  15. Implementation Through Existing Programs The Plan must include a description of the process by which local jurisdictions incorporate the requirements of the mitigation plan into other planning mechanisms such as comprehensive or capital improvement plans, when appropriate. 44 CFR 201.6(c)(4)(ii)

  16. New Yuba County OES Web Page • The web site will contain information helpful to: • Stakeholders involved in the planning process, and • The general public looking for preparedness information.