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The World of Cinema and Theatre

The World of Cinema and Theatre. Lesson 2. Topic: Watching Films Objectives: . to revise and enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic; . to develop listening skills; . to develop speaking skills of students through methods of interactive activities ;

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The World of Cinema and Theatre

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  1. The World of Cinema and Theatre

  2. Lesson 2 Topic: Watching Films Objectives: . to revise and enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic; . to develop listening skills; . to develop speaking skills of students through methods of interactive activities ; . to practise reading and writing on the topic; . to develop culture of communication and to help the students realise that a film is an important art form. Equipment: a computer, an interactive board, handouts, vocabulary notes.

  3. Procedure • Greetings • Warming-up T: Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talk about the films you like to watch. Use the phrases: - to tell smb. about real-life events - to entertain smb. - to make smb. think about smth. - to teach about the moral values - to reflect the problems of a society - to enlighten and inspire the audience

  4. Example SA: What kind of film do you like to watch? SB: I like to watch … because they … And what about you? SA: I prefer watching … because …

  5. III. Checking the home assignment T: Give me your copy-books with your homework – writing about your favourite types of films. IV. Reading 1. Pre-reading activity T: Read the words below which describe the “Star Wars” trilogy. Listen to the tape and match the words from column A with the words from column B.

  6. Match A) B) 1.thriling a. tale 2.fantastic b. alien landscapes 3.classic c. space adventure 4.amazing d. fighting robots 5.gigantic e. sound 6.convincing f. space battles

  7. 2. Reading activity T: Read the text To celebrate twenty years of Star Wars, director George Lucas has finally released the film as he originally intended it to be. He has always said that the trilogy – which includes Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi – was never as good as he had wanted. After years of watching these films on video, you can experience this thrilling space adventure again in the cinema and with fantastic sound. The trilogy is a classic tale of the fight between good and evil. However, instead of happening on earth, the action takes place “…a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” It involves not only humans but all sorts of frightening, and sometimes amusing, robots and alien creatures. The heroes of the trilogy are Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, who work together to fight Darth Vader, the evil leader who wants to take over the universe. Excellent performances are given by stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness and Mark Hamill, but the special effects play a bigger role than any of the actors. There are amazing space battles and gigantic, fighting robots with laser weapons. You’ll certainly enjoy the incredible chases on floating motorbikes. You will also be fascinated by some of the strangest creatures you’ve ever seen in completely convincing alien landscapes. George Lucas says : “ When I made the original Star Wars, I was very interested in creating a modern myth. Greek mythology, or mythology from any country often takes place in an unknown area… and the only area we have now which is like that is outer space.” With this fantastic trilogy, Lucas has certainly succeeded in creating a myth that will never be forgotten. Even if you have seen the original films, you should definitely not miss the chance to experience the Star Wars trilogy as Lucas really wanted it to be.

  8. 3. Post-reading activity T: Answer the following questions: 1. Where and when is the story set? 2. Who is the director? 3. Who stars in the films? 4. What is the story about? 5. Who are the heroes? 6. Is the trilogy recommended? Why?

  9. V. Vocabulary Practice 1. T: Match the numbers with the letters: 1) incredible a) includes 2) released b) amazing 3) trilogy c) certainly 4) involves d) put into cinemas for the first time 5) excellent e) part 6) role f) very good 7) convincing g) three linked stories 8) definitely h) believable

  10. 2. T: Fill in the correct particle take over – to take control of sth. take after – to look like take up – to begin sth. new (a hobby, sport. etc) take off – (of aeroplanes) to leave the ground 1. John has decided to take … tennis. 2. The plane will be taking … in 10 minutes. 3. Rachel really takes … her grandmother. 4. A large firm has taken … our company.

  11. VI. Speaking 1. T: Listen to this conversation about a film and underline the correct word. 1) It was amusing/thrilling. 2) The acting was excellent/horrible. 3) The plot was believable/unbelievable. 4) The characters were realistic/dull. 5) The dialogue was boring/clever. 6) The script was well-written/uninteresting.

  12. I would recommend it to anyone. Don’t miss it. It will change the way you see… 2. T: Which of the following expressions would you use to recommend or disapprove of a film? Think of reasons to go with each expressions. e.g. The acting was excellent. You should definitely not miss it. It was disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend it . It’s well worth seeing. It’s not worth seeing. You should definitely not miss it. It’s the worst film I’ve ever seen.

  13. 3. T: Read the dialogue below. Does the speaker recommend the film or not? In pairs, act out the similar dialogues in order to recommend or disapprove o a film. Use the list of words given below: excellent, a waste of time, well-made, silly, disgusting, interesting, terrifying, thrilling. SA: Have you seen White Fang? SB: Yes, I have. SA: What did you think of it? SB: It was excellent. The story was very exciting. Don’t miss it!

  14. VII. Writing (a film review) 1. Pre-writing activity T: Read the following film review and fill in the gaps with verbs from the list. What tenses do we normally use when we write a film review? decides, become, plays, is filled, finds out, is set, develops, meets Free Willy, directed by Simon Wincer, is a fascinating and moving adventure. It 1)…on the west coast of North America. The film is about the relationship between a boy and a whale, called Willy. Jason James Richter 2)…Jesse, a young street child who 3)…the meaning of love and friendship. Jesse first 4)…Willy in the sea park where the whale is kept. They 5)…good friends as they have both been separated from their families. As the story 6)…Jesse becomes so fond of Willy that he 7)…to try and free him. All the actors, especially Lori Petty and Michael Madsen, are excellent. The film 8)…with suspense and emotion. The scenes involving Jesse and Willy 9)…us how close animals and human beings can be to each other. This is a wonderful film for the whole family. Don’t miss it as it will change the way you see life and relationships forever.

  15. 2. T: Read the table, then listen to the tape and tick the correct boxes. 1. Name of film Spiderman  Batman Returns  2. Stars Michael Douglas  Michael Keaton  3. Type Adventure  Comedy  4. Director Tim Burton  Richard Burton  5. Set in Real city  Imaginary city  6. Theme Hero fights Villains Hero escapes death  7. Acting Bad  Brilliant  8. Plot Complicated  Boring  9. Costumes/Special Effects Nothing special  Out of this world  10. Recommendations Waste of time  Not to be missed 

  16. VIII. Summing-up T: 1. What have we done today? 2. How to describe a film that you have seen recently? 3. How to describe the main characters and special effects? 4. How to give a film review? 5. How to express your emotions?

  17. Home assignment T: Using the plan below, write a review either for Batman Returns or any other film you have seen. Plan: Introduction: title of the film, director, type of film, place it is set, main characters, what the story is about Main Body: main points of the plot Comments about the acting, plot, sound effects etc. Conclusion: recommendation

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