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Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for Women PowerPoint Presentation
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Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for Women

Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for Women

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Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for Women

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  1. Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for Women Silver statement necklace Leather bracelets for women Earrings for women Silver midi rings

  2. statement Jewellery In the present day, everyone is looking to make a statement and this is a pattern even in jewellery. Go to a party and you will see ladies flaunting a silver statement necklace or any other piece. For those who are not too aware about statement jewellery, such pieces have a defining quality to them. They could be either chunky or have a unique design or a message. Their purpose is to grab eye balls. If not paired right, they can go horribly wrong.

  3. Move over metals, the latest trend is of leather bracelets for women! Charm bracelets have found a place in wardrobes since a considerable period of time. Worn for different kinds of reasons, they still intrigue people. Keeping in check the changing trends, this piece of jewellery has returned in a new and different avatar. Now also available in leather, it can be paired with denims to create the ‘rough and tough’ look.

  4. Leather bracelets for women Leather bracelets for women are a great gifting idea too if conventional jewellery is heavy on the pocket. You can also choose from the unique designs. These bracelets are also available in leather cuffs and other options. Such kind of jewellery gives you an edge over conventional ones. As mentioned above, these are perfect for making a statement of sorts. Presently, eye catching coloured leather patches paired with mini dresses are quite a range in the London fashion circles. This works even better when these fancy leather collars have a single gold earring.

  5. Earrings for women with designs that are making statements When it comes to earrings, even the subtle can make a statement. For instance, if you are looking to experiment, you can always try some bling, subtle or opting for chunky is not a bad idea either. The trick is to contrast it well. If you understand the idea behind contrasts, you can make news for your witty fashion sense on a daily basis. Understanding facial shapes is a key to getting earrings for women right. For example, women with a heart shaped face should avoid dangly earrings. As it can make your face look longer and leaner. For such a face structure, earrings should have volume in the end like a dangle earring with a tear drop in the end.

  6. silver midi rings Currently, silver midi rings are a hot favourite. Your choice of a ring speaks a lot about you as a person. For instance, you can choose one that has a stone or onyx in the middle. To add another layer of detailing, you can engrave it too. Some of them have floral patterns and their intricacy makes them look exquisite. Women should own this design. It is a complete must-have. There is a lot more to statement jewellery and with the evolving times, you can be assured that with new elements, it is a trend that you need to keep an eye out for.

  7. To ask any query related to fashion jewellery or to shop for the latest accessories, get in touch with our experts and get your style right at Lyla Loves - THANK YOU