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Indian Classified Ads PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Classified Ads

Indian Classified Ads

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Indian Classified Ads

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  1. Indian Classified Ads Presented By, Salvend.

  2. Introduction • In today’s time it has become very necessary to promote your business through all the channels as all your competitors are doing it. • With so many options coming into the picture, it has become necessary for all the business providers to advertise their business on all the advertising channels.

  3. About • Free Indian classifieds is one of the most popular and powerful tool for the purpose of online advertising. • Any business owner can promote his business on all the free classified websites in India and these websites also provide the option to sell off your stuff online. • This way of advertising is considered the best as one does not have to invest any money on it and the people who look for some for specific product to buy, also get it easily on these platforms.

  4. Steps • Help in driving traffic website: If you have a business website, then adding your web address along with your classified ad which will also encourage your potential clients to check your other products as well. A free classified website is a good place to put the link of your website, which will end increasing your web traffic. • Saves Time: Gone are the days when people used to give ads through newspaper and pamphlets, and one has to give so much of time to order and get it placed in the newspaper. The disadvantage of advertising through paper will be hectic and one also have to up to date it on a weekly basis. As compared to the traditional way of advertising, one does not have to spend this much of time as it takes only a few minutes to submit a classified and in the online option, one also gets the option to extend the duration.

  5. Conclusion • Free Availability: The website for free classifieds allow to sell products and services, as compared to the other methods where one has to spend hefty amounts on advertising, this way of advertising and showcasing your products is absolutely free.So, if you have limited budget, then why to spend big amounts in advertising your products. • Easy to Use: The online classified website is very easy to use and you can easily navigate as per your wish. This is the reason why people go for the option of free classified ads.