geography cba 3rd six weeks geopardy n.
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Geography CBA 3rd SIX WEEKS Geopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Geography CBA 3rd SIX WEEKS Geopardy

Geography CBA 3rd SIX WEEKS Geopardy

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Geography CBA 3rd SIX WEEKS Geopardy

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  1. Geography CBA 3rd SIX WEEKS Geopardy START

  2. Choose a Category and Dollar Amount END GAME

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  4. This action created the Himalayan Mountains._________ • Divergent • Convergent: collision • Convergent: seduction • Transform Back to Jeopardy Board

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  6. All the water on the earth makes up the ________. • Atmosphere • Hydrosphere • Biosphere • lithosphere Back to Jeopardy Board

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  8. The physical features of the earth’s surfaces are called _________. • Relief • Contour lines • Design • topography Back to Jeopardy Board

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  10. What super continent existed 200 million years ago? • Pangaea • Panama • Pancreas • Pan America Back to Jeopardy Board

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  12. What type of map is the image below? • topographic • physical • political • original Back to Jeopardy Board

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  14. Below is what type of landform? • island • lagoon • archipelago • volcano Back to Jeopardy Board

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  16. The following is a large body of water partly or completely surrounded by land? • Pond • Sea • Ocean • Bayou Back to Jeopardy Board

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  18. What landform is pictured below? • Steppe • Tundra • plains • desert Back to Jeopardy Board

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  20. What landform is pictured below? • Plateau • Canyon • Mesa • Butte Back to Jeopardy Board

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  22. What is a large level piece of elevated land? • Butte • Mountain • Plateau • Isthmus Back to Jeopardy Board

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  24. The building of dams and canals to irrigate a desert region is an example of the geographic theme of - • Movement • Human-Environment Interaction • Place D. Region 3 Gorges Dam, China Back to Jeopardy Board

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  26. The following is known as the “Gold Coast of Africa”. This is an example of which geographic theme • Place • Location • Movement • Region Back to Jeopardy Board

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  28. Mount Rushmore, a world famous rock carving, is located on the western border of South Dakota.Which themes does the above statement apply? A A,C, and E B A,D, and E C C, D, and F D B, C, and F Back to Jeopardy Board

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  30. The Statue of Liberty, (located 41◦ N and 73◦ W), was given to the United States by France, is visited by thousands of tourists each year.Which themes does the above statement apply? • location-absolute • location relative • place • region • movement • human-environment interaction A A, E, and C B B, C, and E C B, E, and F D B, D, and F

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  32. The Bering land bridge, which allowed people to migrate from Asia to North America thousands of years ago, is an example of which Geographic theme? A Human-Environment interaction B Movement C Region D Place Back to Jeopardy Board

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  34. As elevation increases, what happens to the climate? • It gets hotter • It gets wetter • It gets colder • It becomes pleasant Back to Jeopardy Board

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  36. The earth’s revolution & tilt cause – Aday & night Bthe changing seasons Ctemperature changes only Dhumidity changes Back to Jeopardy Board

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  38. What type of precipitation generally occurs in tropical areas near the equator? A Frontal B Orographic C Convectional D Oceanographic Back to Jeopardy Board

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  40. Ocean currents are caused by the rotation of the earth, moving air, and – Alow latitudes Bthe revolution of the water Cdifferences in water temperature Delevations Back to Jeopardy Board

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  42. If the direct rays of the sun are hitting the Tropic of Cancer, what day would it be in Southern Hemisphere? A Summer Solstice B Autumn Equinox C Winter Solstice D Spring Equinox Back to Jeopardy Board

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  44. The first amendment includes all of the following EXCEPT_____ AFreedom of religion BRight to bear arms CFreedom of speech DRight to free press Back to Jeopardy Board

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  46. Inalienable rights are_______ A Rights given to earthlings B Rights that are only for citizens C guaranteed and cannot be taken away D are mentioned in the Preamble Back to Jeopardy Board

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  48. Checks and Balances ensures_____ • no one branch of government will gain too much power • the U. S. Senate will not be controlled by the people • the president will be elected directly by the people D. state legislatures will share power with the U.S. Congress Back to Jeopardy Board

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  50. The 13th amendment ended slavery. What did the 15th amendment guarantee? • The US would never allow slavery again • The right to vote for all citizens • That freed slaves would pay taxes • The right to vote for all male citizens. Back to Jeopardy Board