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Call center services outsourcing- Outsource service provider PowerPoint Presentation
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Call center services outsourcing- Outsource service provider

Call center services outsourcing- Outsource service provider

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Call center services outsourcing- Outsource service provider

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  1. Call center servicesOutsourcing Sam Studio specialized in providing * inbound call center services, * outbound call center service, * CATI Services * Email & Support Services * Chat support services outsourcing.

  2. Call Center Service Outsourcing • Call center service or BPO service is the most fabulous and demanding services in the current business industry • Most of large scale industries are looking to build best communication between their business products with their potential customers • Customers will not satisfy by getting best products and services, they really requires best customer support from their services provider to their queries • Satisfying customers and providing detailed answers to customer queries are the biggest challenges for every business owners and services providers. • But, due to their tight schedule, organizations are looking for outsourcing companies to reduce their work intention, time, money, effort and man power.

  3. Why call center services? • Business process outsourcing is the process of contracting business activities with third party services providers to reduce risks • BPO process deals with customer relationship management system to handle every thing in a reliable, authentic and secure manner • This process indicates to hiring call center services provider or other BPO outsourcing services provider to support their customer queries about their business products and services. • There are two types of Business process outsourcing services (BPO) are Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

  4. Types of call center services? Sam Studio is the professional call center outsourcing services provider in India. we are delivering best class solutions to our customer’s across the globe. Our call center outsourcing services are listed below, • Incoming/Inbound call center services • Outgoing/Outbound call center services • CATI Services • Email & Letters services • Chat Support services

  5. Inbound call center services • Sam studio offer inbound call center service to our customer organizations growth by voice responding applications • Our highly talented and excellent professionals can Easily solve your customer queries and build your business in a superior way • Our inbound call center services includes customer care support for projects, order taking and processing, account management, resolutions for customer questions etc.

  6. Outbound call center services • Sam studio offer outbound call center service or knowledge process outsourcing to our customer organizations with the help of our excellent team of KPO professionals • Our outbound call center service help organizations to selling their products and goods to their customers via telephone and Email conversation. • Outbound call center services are included lead generation, surveys, debt collection, telemarketing etc.

  7. CATI services • CATI defines Computer Assistance Telephone Interview. This system built using the telephone applications which is working with front end computer system • CATI system help interviewers to ask questions to the users with the help of interconnected computer assisted telephonic system • If you are looking to make simplify your work with low prices. Get CATI services outsourcing from Sam studio.

  8. Email & letters • Sam Studio provides emails and letter services with our call center outsourcing services to the growing business and start up business organizations. • The products and services based business are receiving bulk volume of mail queries from their customer side • Due to the busy schedule, they may not be satisfied their customer requirements. Hence, companies are looking for outsourcing email support services providers to respond their clients queries through mail. • Looking for email and support services to build 100% customer support to your business, please feel free to contact professional team at Sam studio

  9. Chat Support Services • Sam Studio offering 24X7 hours chat support services to our customer’s business. • We are having excellent professionals who will send bulk volume of business promotion messages to your customers and also providing better chat support services to their own personal and business needs in a professional manner. • We are using advanced inbuilt and secure software to provide extraordinary chat support services at low prices and fast turnaround time

  10. Contact Sam Studio Mail to: Website: Blog: