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Beyond E-Learning

Titelbild hier einsetzen. Beyond E-Learning. 2 nd Intern’ Conference on Broadcast Training. Yesterday’s News. Broadcasting in the 21th Century. Germany’s leading organization for international media development Media development Journalism training Media consulting.

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Beyond E-Learning

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  1. Titelbild hier einsetzen Beyond E-Learning 2nd Intern’ Conference on Broadcast Training Kuala Lumpur 25.02.2014

  2. Yesterday’s News

  3. Broadcasting in the 21th Century

  4. Germany’s leading organization for international media development Media development Journalism training Media consulting DW Akademie: Who we are

  5. We believe that independent media and responsible journalism are essential worldwide. And that people should be able to freely express their views and have access to independent sources of information. DW Akademie

  6. DW Akademie Worldwide

  7. Face-to-Face Internet/Social Media perfect for niche content You are your own distribution channel A lot of people may help you – if they like you / trust you …. and you don‘t run a closed shop  Try to listen, engage and share – organize an activity rather than broadcast 7/ 10

  8. Going Digital • Internet Penetration rising fast in the Global South • Mobile Usage • Digital Natives

  9. DW Akademie‘s Approach Imternetbased

  10. 10/ 16 DW Akademie‘s Approach Blended-Learning

  11. Social Media 11/ 10

  12. What’s a “MOOC” ? MOOC = Massive Open Online Course Big news for US Universities New ideas for the rest of us 12/ 10

  13. What’s a “MOOC” ? MOOC = Massive Open Online Course „The beauty of a MOOC is that there is a rich source of knowledge and information, yet the goal is to apply, discuss, share and actively participate.“ 13/ 10

  14. Going Hybrid • Usi • DW Akademie’s E-Learning Toolbox • - Moodle LMS • - Videoconferencing • - Stuff: Google docs, Facebook Groups, Wordpress Blogs, Etherpad etc.

  15. TV Studio Production (Moodle)

  16. Example: Reporting Climate Change • - Five week online course • Getting ready for World Climate Summit • Live Video with experts • -- Q&A • Background Material and Assignments online http://training.dw.de/climatechange/

  17. Let‘s MOOC: Online Media Summit 2012 - DW Akademie’s first open online course - First Open Online Course in Media Development 17/ 10

  18. Online Media Summit 2012 Creating a web based learning event that … engaged citizen journalists / internet activists from all of North Africa and Middle East facilitated dialog/networking across the region Provided up-to-date ideas and information Combining E-Learning and Social Media Lesson learned: Active Facilitation is key! 18/ 10

  19. Online Media Summit 2012 19/ 10

  20. Digital Safety #digisafe 2013

  21. Digital Safety #digisafe 2013 #digisafe

  22. Digital Safety #digisafe 2013 One week online event Live video talk show Webinar Interaction (Chat, Twitter) Partnering with NGOs Using Blog, Etherpad, Google+, Twitter http://akademie.dw.de/digitalsafety/ https://storify.com/DW_Akademie/

  23. Summing Up …. Hook up to participant’s digital lives Take a hybrid approach Facilitate sharing and interaction 23/ 10

  24. Holger Hankholger.hank@dw.deTwitter - @holgerhank http://onmedia.dw-akademie.de/english/

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