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Samyak Veera- Fitness Tips

A healthy diet should include a wide variety of nutritious foods for sufficient intake of all nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Foods to include are breads, pastas, lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

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Samyak Veera- Fitness Tips

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  1. Samyak Veera Fitness Tips

  2. What is Physical Activity ? Samyak Veera

  3. Benefits of Physical Activity • Helps people achieve and maintain a healthy weight • Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety & depression • Builds and maintains healthy bones, muscles & joints • Boosts energy level Samyak Veera

  4. National Trends • 64% of adults are overweight in the U.S. • Approximately 30% of adults are obese. • 17 % of children ages 6-18 are overweight. • Obesity is the second leading cause of unnecessary deaths. • Consumers spend $33 billion a year on the diet industry. • Every year, about 8 million Americans sign up for weight loss programs that offer a quick fix. Samyak Veera

  5. Finding a Balance • Calories in Food > Calories Used = Weight Gain • Calories in Food > Calories Used = Weight Loss • Calories in Food > Calories Used = Weight Control Samyak Veera

  6. What is Physical Fitness? Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. Samyak Veera

  7. Thank You • Samyak Veera • For more information - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/samyak-veera/b/418/809

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