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Watch Battery Replacement

We provide a free pressure testing service for all water resistant watches. We guarantee water resistance and if new seals are required they will be fitted as well. Our battery replacements are guaranteed for 12 months.

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Watch Battery Replacement

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  1. Steps to Follow in Watch Battery Replacement At times, it happens that your watch will stop working, as it should. This must not be a reason of agonize for you must primary locate out if your watch's hands are moving onward per second or have slowed down. When you see the hands moving slowly, it is an indication that you need to carry out a watch battery replacement soon. It is not necessary for you to consider going to a watch repairer for this service for you can take care of it on your own by following some easy steps. The first step you should take is to turn over your watch on a soft surface to prevent scratching the top crystal cover. The second step after this is to open up the back cover. You should do this after confirming if there is a little sunken part at the cover's edge then you can open the cover with a knife. In the case of watches where screws hold the back cover, they should be unscrewed with a small screwdriver, to let you open the back cover. When doing this, do not forget to take off the rubber gasket placed around the cover's edge. The step you must pursue after that in watch battery replacement in London is to locate out where the battery is and what holds it input. The majority batteries are surrounding in form and screwed covers or spring clips hold them in place. You should get the right tool to open the specific cover, which is a screwdriver for the screw cover or a small tool with a flat blade for the spring cover. It is also essential to know the positive side of the battery by checking for a large plus sign on the end. When replacing the battery, the thing to look for is the identification number, of the one, you are replacing. That number should match with the replacement battery's number.

  2. The sixth step in watch battery replacement is placing the new battery inside the watch. Uses a clean piece of clothe to clean the battery and then place it in its groove. Make sure that the positive side faces the correct side and then close the battery cover. The other step is to find out if the watch is working. After this, replace the gasket in its right place before closing your watch with the back cover.

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