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BioMedix Login and Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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BioMedix Login and Registration

BioMedix Login and Registration

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BioMedix Login and Registration

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  1. BioMedix.comLogin and Registration Customer Area, Shopping Cart & Location Finder

  2. Website Login and

  3. Website Registration • Go to • Click on the white LOGIN DIRECTORY link at the top of the page • Click on the CUSTOMER/EMPLOYEE LOGIN green link

  4. Website Registration • Enter your SITE ID into the BIOMEDIX CLIENT REGISTRATION box and click the green SUBMIT button(If you don’t know your SITE ID, please see “Troubleshooting” later in the presentation)

  5. Website Registration • Complete registration form fields marked with an asterisk (required) and click the Continue button* • When the Continue button is clicked, the Registration information is submitted * Password is limited to 10 characters in length.

  6. Website Registration • When Registration is complete, this page will appear:Medical Professional ResourcesANDYou will receive an email with your registration and login details with the subject: BioMedix Account Registration Confirmation REGISTRATIONIS COMPLETE

  7. Website Sign In After the registration process has been completed, you are automatically signed in. In the future, you will login with the email address and password that was entered at registration.REMEMBER: Your login information is automatically emailed to you when you register. You MUST register before you can sign in.

  8. Website Sign In • Go to • Click on the white LOGIN DIRECTORY link at the top of the page • Click on the CUSTOMER/EMPLOYEE LOGIN green link

  9. Website Sign In • Enter your email and password into the CUSTOMER/EMPLOYEE LOGIN box and click the green LOGIN button

  10. Website Sign In • A successful login will bring you to the Medical Professionals Resources page

  11. Website Registration& Sign In Troubleshooting ISSUE 1: SITE IDs I DON’T KNOW MY SITE ID For PADnet+ • SITE ID can be found in the PADnet+ software under Admin, Office Settings. • Can be found on a sticker on newer PADnet+ laptops • Can also be found by calling customer service for lookup (Readers must do this)

  12. Website Registration& Sign In Troubleshooting ISSUE 2: LOGIN INFORMATION I DIDN’T GET THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL Check your Junk or Spam mail. The subject of the email is BioMedix Account Registration Confirmation and it comes from I FORGOT MY PASSWORDThere is a FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? Box on the LOGIN DIRECTORY page. You can enter the email you registered with to have your login information sent to your email.

  13. Website Sign In: Online Store You can also access the Online Store when logged in by clicking the STORE link at the top of the page or on the Resources page

  14. Website Sign In: Online Store In the ONLINE STORE, you can view and purchase educational and marketing materials and additional hardware accessories for TRAKnet DPM.The information you entered at registration will automatically populate the shopping cart checkout form.

  15. Website Location Finder Map Signup

  16. Location Finder Map The Location Finder feature of the new BioMedix website is a listing of hospitals and doctors using BioMedix technology. You must be a current BioMedix client to be listed.

  17. Location Finder Map Clients can sign up to be included in the Location Finder in two ways: • Use the Word Sign Up FormWord Location Finder Sign Up FormThere are instructions on the form for emailing or faxing back to the Marketing department. . 2. Use the Online Sign Up Form Online Sign Up Form

  18. Location Finder Map It may take a few days for your information to appear in the Location Finder. If you need to remove or modify your listing, please contact