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Computerized Speech Lab CSL PowerPoint Presentation
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Computerized Speech Lab CSL

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Computerized Speech Lab CSL
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Computerized Speech Lab CSL

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    1. Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) Karen Hawkins

    2. Computerized Speech Lab (CSL)-Model 4500 The computerized Speech Lab is the Leading Hardware/Software System for Speech and Voice Professionals, developed by Kay Electronics Corporation of New Jersey.

    3. Hardware Description The device is an input/output recording device, which works in collaboration with a PC The CSL compiles with the specifications and features needed for reliable acoustic measurements. It includes PCI hardware interface Ideal for speech analysis The CSL offers input signal-to-noise performance 20-30db greater than that of generic plug-in sound card counterparts.

    4. Software Options Current CSL, Model 4500 and 4150, software and database options include:

    5. Software Options Current CSL, Model 4500 and 4150, software and database options include:

    6. The Device Abbreviated Specifications Analog Inputs: 4 channels: two XLR and two phono-type, 5mV-10.5V peak-to-peak, channels 3 and 4, switchable AC or DC coupling, calibrated input, adjustable gain range >38dB, 24-bit A/D, Sampling rates: 8000-200,000Hz, THD+N: <-90dB F.S., Frequency Response (AC coupled): 20 to 22kHz +.05dB at 44.1kHz Digital Interface: AES/EBU or S/P DIF format, transformer-coupled Software Interface: ASIO and MME Computer Interface: PCI (version 2.2-compliant), PCI card; 5.0 H x 7.4 W x 0.75 D (half-sized PCI card) Computer Requirements: Windows XP/Windows 2000, one free PCI slot, >800MHz Pentium III Analog Output: 4 channels, line and speaker, headphone output, channels 1 and 2 provide line &speaker outputs Physical: 4 W x 8.25 H x 12.5 D, 4 lbs. 12 oz., 45 watts, speaker, and microphone (Shure SM-48 or equivalent, XLR-type)

    7. Examples of Speech Analysis

    8. What Is It? CSL is the leading speech analysis system for acoustic phonetics, speech language pathology, voice science, laryngology, language training, bioacoustics, and forensic acoustics. It achieved this leadership and reputation by providing the most comprehensive features, professional-level hardware, extensive databases, and the best product support in the field.

    9. Tell Me More! CSL is an extremely powerful yet very easy to use system for obtaining and analyzing speech signals. Vocal input can be read and stored at rates of up to 51,200 samples per second, providing detailed information to the clinician or researcher on a variety of speech parameters, including pitch, timing and energy.

    10. Guess What? As you speak, this information is displayed graphically on the computer screen, providing immediate, easily-understood visual feedback to both subject and technician. These speech parameters can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders, as an aid to language learning and accent reduction, and by speech researchers.

    11. Lastly! Speech analysis has been used for teaching,research, voice measurements, clinical feedback, acoustic phonetics, second language articulation, and forensic work. Contains nineteen optional programs and databases target specific speech applications. CSL provides the necessary features and specifications for efficient, easy, accurate and repeatable recording and measurement of speech signals for speech professionals.

    12. Company Contact Information Kay Elemetrics Corp. 2 Bridgewater Lane v Lincoln Park, NJ 07035-1488 USA Tel: 1-800-289-5297 (USA and Canada) v (973) 628-6200 v Fax: (973) 628-6363 E-mail: v Web: