welcome to the 6k kool katz n.
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Welcome to the 6K “Kool Katz” PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the 6K “Kool Katz”

Welcome to the 6K “Kool Katz”

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Welcome to the 6K “Kool Katz”

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  1. Welcome to the 6K “Kool Katz” Seven Springs Middle School (727) 774 – 6700 Web site: Team web site:

  2. 6K Teachers:  • Mrs. McCosh: Math/Team Leader • Mrs. Frick: Language Arts • Mrs. Rath: Science • Mr. Nichols: Social Studies • Mrs. Dabramo: Reading

  3. WARNING! Parents, sixth grade is a transitional year for students as they are going from one or two teachers to six new teachers. Your involvement and support is needed and appreciated by the team and its teachers!

  4. Communication is the Key to Success! Use planner daily Progress reports each quarter at mid-term. Papers/tests often come home for parent signatures Please check your child’s book bag. Middle school students often forget to share information. Questions or concerns are easily dealt with by phone (774 – 6700). The fastest response is by e-mailing the teachers. Team conferences can also be scheduled upon request.

  5. SSMS Daily Schedule SSMS is on Monday through Friday scheduling. Our day begins at 8:40 and ends at 2:50. The Monday-Friday schedule consists of 6 periods that are approximately 50 minutes in length. Less movement during the day promotes a greater focus on instructional time. The schedule is flexible and is modified for team activities, guest speakers, films, and so forth. A schedule outline with times is located in the student planner and posted in our rooms. Our team has A lunch from

  6. Team 6K’s Daily Schedule 1st pd. 8:40-9:352nd pd. 9:38-10:283rd pd. 10:31-10:54 LUNCH 10:56-11:263rd pd. 11:29-11:594th pd. 12:04-1:045th pd. 1:07-1:57 (elective)6th pd. 2:00-2:50

  7. Helpful Hints for Homework Designate a homework time and space. Class work that is not completed should be finished as homework. If no homework is assigned, the team suggests the following homework routine: read every night for a minimum of 30 minutes and discuss what was read review class notes and handouts organize materials for the next day Homework assignments along with due dates and project deadlines should be noted in the planner.

  8. Grading Policy The Pasco County Grading Scale is outlined in the student planner, and it appears in our classrooms. A 90 – 100 B 80 – 89 C 70 – 79 D 60 – 69 F 59 - 0

  9. Progress Reports A great way to find out about missing work is to check the school’s eSembler grade book online.

  10. Team Rules R: Ready in seat to begin E: Enter class with supplies S: Stay on task P: Participate…always E: Excellence is expected C: Check your work…always T: Try your best!

  11. 6th Grade FAQ’s created by students Do you have the same schedule everyday? Yes, you have the same 6 period schedule on Monday through Friday. How long are the class periods? Monday through Friday = 6 classes (50 minutes) When do you go to the restroom? During passing period, and you are allowed time for emergencies. When’s lunch? Depends on your schedule, but 6th graders always eat first usually between 11:00-11:30 Who do you eat lunch with? Most of the 6th graders eat together, even those from other teams. Do you have to sit in assigned seats during class? Depends on teachers, but when you go to lunch you can sit with your friends.

  12. Can you eat and drink in the classrooms? No food can leave the cafeteria, and this includes gum. Do you get new classes every quarter? Your core classes stay the same, but electives may change depending on what you select. Do you still get recess? No, but you are free to talk at lunch and between classes. Do you have much homework? Every night, but it is usually just reading, math, and reviewing notes. How long do you have to get to your class? 3 minutes, but the teachers are always outside to help the first few weeks. How do you find all of your classes? The team that you are assigned to has all of your classes together. Each grade level is assigned to different parts of the school. Can we have cell phones at school? Yes, but they cannot be turned on or used while you are on campus.

  13. Can we have MP3 players at school? No What grade do you have to be in to play sports? 7th/8th, but there are several clubs for all grades. Do we have lockers? No, but there are areas to leave your backpack during P.E. What are Do Nows? Do Nows are different in every class, but usually are questions or activities at the beginning class that help you prepare for the lesson. Are there any awards or prizes given out in middle school? Through out the year there will be several competitions to participate in, and Jaguariffic tickets are awards for good behavior that can earn you gifts.

  14. Volunteers …we need you! Please register for the SSMS volunteers. In order to be involved here on campus or to chaperone a field trip, you must be registered. Forms are available in the front office and online. These must be completed annually.

  15. Thank you for coming out tonight. We hope that we can answer all of your questions.