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UHP vs Xenon PowerPoint Presentation
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UHP vs Xenon

UHP vs Xenon

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UHP vs Xenon

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  1. UHP vs Xenon facts, myths and our selling points

  2. a light source is a light source is a...? • in the fierce projection market you have several illumination technologies available • UHP (Ultra High Performance) • Xenon • LED • Laser • the UHP and Xenon lamps are by far the most popular • the lamps differ quite a lot and you will find arguments for both lamps

  3. UHP™ (Ultra High Performance) • Mercury arc lamp • Same principle as Metal Halide lamp, but uses gas for stable light excitation • The arc gap is 1-1,3mm across (2,0 or more for Metal Halide) which yields greater efficiency (“point source”) • a 100W UHP lamp is capable of delivering more brightness than a 250W MH lamp • Advantages of a small arc gap increases as the imaging devices (DMD) become smaller

  4. Xenon • Xenon arc lamps • Traditionally used in film projection • Native Colour Temperature is close to the noon sunlight • Chromacity closely approximates a heated Black Body radiator • Perfect for use in Ultra violet radiation systems as well as near Infra Red due to the Xenon wavelength

  5. UHP selling points • Colour benefits • great and stable colours over time • dual lamp systems yields better brightness uniformity (if light engine is designed properly) • Cost • the UHP lamps are far cheaper than the Xenon lamps • Lamp Life • the UHP lamps has generally a much longer life span than Xenon (up to 5000 hours, eco mode) • Xenon lamps lose brightness faster than UHP • Environmentally • a UHP lamps give you more brightness per W consumed compared to the Xenon lamps • Flexibility • 24/7 and uptime; It is preferrable to have a system of 2x300W lamps than a single lamp system (hot swapping of single lamp!) • (Low) Operational Hazards • the UHP lamps has low pressure and represents a smaller hazard to the user when handling the lamps compared to the Xenon lamps

  6. Xenon selling points • Colour benefits • native colour spectrum close to Noon Sunlight, or D65 • High power! • yields very bright projection systems • DC operation • Better colour wheel control with DC compared to AC operation • Instant OnOff • supports on/off (restrike) with minimal effect on colour projection • less than 60 seconds warm up time • Single lamp design advantages • no color balancing • easier lamp replacement • reduced optics for light coupling

  7. UHP counter arguments for Xenon’s USP • Colour benefits • Solved with optical filters! The UHP lamp has a decent colour spectrum, no IR and no UV with proper designed optics • High power! • UHP lamps increases in power and efficiency all the time! For mainenance cost and lamp hours a system of 2x or 4x UHP lamps is clearly preferrable. But to reach 20-30K Lumens you need Xenon! • DC operation • Philips VIDI’s digital lamp driving solves the major challenge about colour timing related to colour wheel spin cycle (see VIDI slide later) • Instant OnOff • Who cares? Who really need to use the projector within 30-60 seconds after you turn it on – if you care about image quality? • Single lamp design • You have single lamp UHP systems too... ;) • A good designed dual lamp system allows you to hot swap lamps and to have better brightness and colour uniformity

  8. UHP vs Xenon Colour Spectrum • Xenon is much better ”out of the box” • UHP with filters and a good optical design provides D65 brightness (noon sunlight) and stable colour performance over time! • Yellow: peak performance of UHP lamps • Blue: Flat spectrum of solar light • Red: Solar-like spectrum of the Xenon lamp

  9. Xenon hazards (an extract) • Source: USHIO (lamp manufacturer) • Xenon Arc Lamps could burst when not in operation causing serious injuries! • Xenon Arc Lamps have a high internal pressure. Depending upon the lamp, the internal pressure can exceed 10 ATM or 147 PSI, even when not in operation. • .Always wear eye/face and body protection when handling Xenon arc lamps! • Never bump, drop, apply excessive stress, or scratch the lamp. This could cause the lamp to burst! • Xenon arc lamps should not be used beyond their rated service life. Operation beyond the rated service life will cause the lamp to burst.

  10. Philips VIDI™ • A variation of UHP technology, with new lamp driving technology • Lots of benefits due to improved control of the pulsing: • Brilliant Pulse allows us to peak segments of the colour wheel • Dark Pulse allows us to lower brightness to a 25% level results in gray scale improvement (up to 2 bits) • Tuned Plateau allows us to set controlled brightness in all coloursegments to boost white or to boost red, etc • Improved BrilliantColor™ performance over lamp life time • Improved RealColor™ handling

  11. Philips VIDI™ lamp technology