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Pre Employment Credit Check PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre Employment Credit Check

Pre Employment Credit Check

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Pre Employment Credit Check

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  2. Types of Background Checks For Employment • Background check services varies according to the information user required. Background Investigation is conducted by the company to ensure that they only hire trustworthy people. Some Types Of Background Checks For Employmentare discussed here:- • Employment Criminal background checks • Education Verification • Credit And Bankruptcy Checks

  3. Employment Criminal Background Checks Criminal background checks be best searched at the county/states level to reduce bad hires involved in company theft and fraud.Full names, date of birth, social security numbers should be used to clarify that is there criminal record against applicants or employees in criminal database records. Uncover the criminal records history of the applicants so that, you can make right decision in the favor of company.

  4. Education Verification Education background checks helps employers to detect applicants with fake degrees. Many applicants use fake degrees and certificates to get job or higher position in organization. Some applicants lie about their education and work experience in order to secure job. Identify applicants who lie about their education and work experience in order to secure job. For this, it is recommended you should run background check before hiring any employee for your company.

  5. Credit And Bankruptcy Checks Pre employment credit check means checking the credit history of the selected applicant who are capable for positions listed on the application. Credit check is considered as the valuable when you have to hire the person for financial responsibility. Credit check is a part of employment background check that should be conducted to reduce the risk of fraud hiring. FCRA background check  provide the authority to employer to obtain a credit report on employees.

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