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  2. AGG Doors also pride themselves on using premium brands  such as ATA, Arco, B&D, BOSS, Dominator, Elsema, FAAC, Gliderol, Merlin, Steel-line and Vicway. This means that when you buy from AGG Doors, you can always expect premium quality for a great price.

  3. Every type of garage door has springs, whether you can see them like on panel and tilt doors, or whether they are hidden like on roller doors. These springs are the reason that a maintained and correctly tensioned garage door can be operated manually with ease, as the springs are doing the vast majority of the lifting.

  4. There are two types of garage door springs available

  5. These springs are used on tilt doors. They are fixed to the power arms on the side of the door. Although there are various types of extension springs, the concept between them all remain the same. When the door is closed, the springs are fully extended, and they retract as the door opens. Extension type springs

  6. These springs are used on panel doors. They are located above the top panel on a front-mount door and the rear of the horizontal tracks on a rear-mount door, on top of the tortion bar. These springs exert their power by twisting. Tortion type springs

  7. At AGG Doors, we replace garage door springs as a set even if only one has broken. The reason for this is because the springs will be approximately the same age, so have very similar wear and tear, as well as the fact that when one spring breaks, all of the work is forced onto a single spring which damages and wears the spring out quickly

  8. If you only replaced one spring more than likely the older spring will break in the very near future. So to save you two call out fees, it is cheaper to replace both springs on the day of your garage door repair.

  9. Always expect premium quality for a great price. • Call us anytime • 1300 244 366 • Or visit our website: • • Well, we’d be happy to assist you!