significant advantages of e liquids over tobacco n.
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best vapour liquid

best vapour liquid

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best vapour liquid

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  1. Significant Advantages of E-liquids over Tobacco

  2. Smoking is a really bad habit, everybody agrees. However, tobacco has been around for hundreds of years. People have been smoking for many centuries now. People do smoke today, despite many valid and reliable studies that associate tobacco usage with various deceases and even death. To be short, quitting smoking is not a one-and-done deal and it is not easy. However, nowadays there are healthier alternatives to tobacco - e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Let’s discuss the advantage e-liquids have over tobacco.

  3. Liquid Flavor Even smokers admit that cigarettes do not taste well. On the other hand, e-liquids come in various flavors. You can choose anything you want, from Ibreathe menthol to strawberry aromas. You can choose almost anything you want according to your preferences and taste. Various liquid flavors, such as Ibreathe menthol can make the vaping experience better and healthier.

  4. E-liquids are cheaper than Tobacco Cigarettes are horrible for your health, but they are also quite harmful to your wallet. In the UK, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is nearly 10 GBP. To an average smoker, a pack of cigarettes is enough for two days and some smoke 20 cigarettes only in one day. 30mL bottle of e-liquid, for instance, Ibreathe menthol can last you 4 - 7 days, depending on your vaping habits.

  5. No Toxins When smoking cigarettes we receive a lot of really bad toxins that eventually damage our health. Using e-liquids means no more toxins, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. Smoking habit is very difficult to get rid of, but switching to e-cigarettes will help you avoid the stress associated with quitting smoking and at the same time live a healthier life.

  6. No yellow fingers when smoking E-Liquids When smoking e-cigarettes, the fingers remain clean and no yellow-brown nicotine stains associated with tobacco smoking can develop. When smoking for many years, yellow finders are something nobody can avoid. Plus, smoking cigarettes is seriously harmful to your teeth as toxins eventually damage enamel.

  7. No Horrible Smell of Tobacco Every smoker admits that tobacco smells awful. The smell stays on your skin, hair, and clothes for a long time. Ths smell is annoying for smokers, imagine what non-smokers feel when you, the smoker, are next to them. Switching to vaping can easily solve these problems. There are a wide range of e-liquids available on the market, and you can choose whatever you want, from Ibreathe menthol to banana aroma.

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