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  1. Rebecca Illuminated Text by: Taryn Johnson

  2. Lastight I dreamt I went To Manderley again

  3. No Smoke came from the C H I M N E Y And the little latice window gaped forlorn

  4. For Manderley was ours no longer. Manderley was no more.

  5. It was damp in the cottage, damp and Chill. I did not like it. I hated the Hollow sound of d Rain pattering on the roof. r It seemed to echo echo i echo In the room itself, And I heard the p water p i n g Into the rusted gate.

  6. She won’t come back no more. She’s gone in the Ain’t she? sea

  7. “Rebecca must have been a wonderful person.” I could not believe that I had said the name at last. It was a tremendous relief. It was as though I had taken a purge And rid myself Of an intolerable Pain. Rebecca.

  8. “You’re not like the other one.” “What other one?” “T A L L and Darkshe was, She gave you the feeling Of a Snake.”

  9. Where is Rebecca? I want Rebecca. What have you done with Rebecca?

  10. “He doesn’t love me, he lovesRebecca.” He’s never forgotten her He thinks about her still, night and Day. He’s never lovedl me Frank. It’s always Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca

  11. the D I V E R, he came across there was a the Boat. body sailing hull in There. of a little it was Rebecca.

  12. Rebecca has Won. S H A D O w her between us All the time. her damned shadow keeping us from one Another. How could I hold you like This, My darling, My love, with the fear always in my heart That this would happen? I remember her eyes As she looked at me before she died She knew this would happen Even then. She knew she would win in the end.

  13. I killed her. I In the cottage in C O V e. T H e Shot Rebecca Rebecca was not Drowned At all. An accident. never Will you look In my eyes There was And tell me that you love me now?

  14. I love you so much, He whispered. So much. That is what I had wanted him to say and everyday Every night, I thought. And now he is saying it At last.

  15. How could I come To you When I knew you were Thinking about Rebecca? How could I ask you to love Me when you loved Rebecca Still? Oh, my God. You thought I loved Rebecca? I hated Her. Rebecca Was incapable Of love Of tenderness Of decency She was not even normal

  16. “I’d forgotten A P E R S O N That when you shot There was so much Blood”

  17. The Sky above Our heads Was inky black But the sky On the horizon Was not dark At all It was shot With crimson Like a splash of blood blew us And the toward ashes With the salt wind from the sea