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Afilias. APTLD Meeting, Honaira August 14, 2007 Desiree Miloshevic (remotely). Who is Afilias?. Afilias is an experienced and successful TLD enabler Afilias provides “Registration to Resolution” services Superior Technology World’s largest EPP registry (thick registries)

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  1. Afilias APTLD Meeting, Honaira August 14, 2007 Desiree Miloshevic (remotely)

  2. Who is Afilias? • Afilias is an experienced and successful TLD enabler • Afilias provides “Registration to Resolution” services • Superior Technology • World’s largest EPP registry (thick registries) • Multi-homed, Anycast DNS platform provides speed and strong security • WHOIS updates in real time • IDN & IPv6 capable • DNSSEC experience • Afilias is an experienced and successful TLD enabler • #2 worldwide – supporting 12 million domains (~10% market share) gTLDs sTLDs ccTLDs Peru Antigua India Belize St. Vincent & Grenadines Mongolia Honduras Seychelles Gibraltar

  3. About Afilias • Irish Limited Company since 2000 • Offices In Philadelphia, Dublin (HQ), Toronto, New Delhi, Vancouver, London • Profitable, Independent Company • Long Relationships with IBM, Q9, Iron Mountain & UltraDNS • Fastest Growing Registry Services Provider • Since 2001, acquired more market share than any other • Launched most successful new TLD (INFO, now #6) • Moved customers from compromise to advantage • Focused on delivering superior Registry Services • Not distracted by other lines of business (Telecom, Security Certificates, etc.) • Now helping to manage 14 domains • Experienced with the global distribution channel • Daily interaction with over 375 registrars Confidential

  4. Proven Technology Expertise • Secure & Stable Architecture • Five-tier security design • Strong DDoS Protection • 2005-06 DNS Shield program – embedded at major ISPs, protects accessibility • Withstood Oct 2001 Root Server DDoS attack • No interruption during the North American power blackout of Aug 2003 • Afilias peak capacity design has handled 100x increase in registry transactions (Most registries only build for 10x) • Standards Compliant & Flexible Software • Highest SLA standards in domain industry • Network and platforms designed for high security and performance • Pioneer in registry technology: EPP, IDN, Anycast DNS, IDN-over-EPP, PostgreSQL, IPv6, DNSSEC, • Afilias has received high rankings by ICANN • 2006 INFO and ORG (for PIR) contracts renewed • 2005 Successful ICANN bids – MOBI, ASIA (both approved) • 2002 ICANN Evaluation: Afilias supported ISOC bid rated top bidder for .ORG Confidential

  5. Selected For Ability & Experience • Unmatched Migration and Launch Experience • .MOBI Launch May 22, 2006 without incident • Seamlessly migrated .ORG registry with 2.7 Million domains • Completely revamped India’s national domain registry in 60 days • Migrated 10 other registries from legacy systems • Go-To Provider For Serious TLD Contenders • 2002 – .ORG - Partnered with Internet Society (ISOC) • 2004 - .MOBI - Selected by MOBI Founders (Microsoft-Nokia-Vodafone) over VeriSign & NeuStar • 2004 - .ASIA - Preferred partner for registry services • 2004 – .XXX - expected high volume & attack target – chose Afilias • 2004 - .IN – India selects Afilias in competitive bid process • 2006 – SITA selects Afilias to revitalize and grow the .aero domain • 2006 – Belize (.BZ) selects Afilias as Registry Provider to transition away from VeriSign Confidential

  6. Afilias Registry Services features • RFC compliant EPP platform • Same version of EPP as INFO and ORG • Stable / secure / fast technology • Registry benefits • World class current EPP technology • No development expense • Near real-time WHOIS updating keeps TLD registry current • Fast updates to the DNS—real time updates from registry to the DNS speeds global availability • Secure DNS—advanced technology for resisting DDoS, etc • Advanced registry features: IDN, IPv6, DNSSEC • Complete reports and control for TLD registry • Significant distribution channel benefits: ease for registrars • One connection to the registry—already in place • One financial account—already in place • Enhances distribution reach and domain status • Policy experience and help

  7. We support 10 IDN scripts • DA – Danish • DE – German • ES - Spanish • HU – Hungarian • IS – Icelandic • KO – Korean • LT – Lithuanian • LV – Latvian • PL – Polish • SV – Swedish Confidential

  8. Market is strong • 120M registrations thru 3/07; +32% vs YA Confidential Source: VeriSign Domain Industry Brief, March 2007

  9. New sales growth is robust • New sales growing 3% year over year; 23 % quarter over quarter Confidential Source: VeriSign Domain Industry Brief, March 2007

  10. ccTLDs: a growing market • Over 47 million ccTLDs • Growing at 31% • Includes CN and EU growth Source: VeriSign Domain Industry Brief, March 2007 Confidential

  11. Afilias “FlexRegistry” Platform Registrar Mgmt • support registrars worldwide Secure Access • Certificate, Password and IP Access Control Secure Transactions • SSL Registrar(s) Secure Channel : SRS SRS • Thick Registry • EPP Protocol • IDN capability for DNS and Whois Client updates Interface FireWall TLD’s Registrar Afilias Support • 24x7 Registrar billing Authentic BSS ation SRS OSS Registry Shared System Business Operational Support 24x7 NOC • Continuous monitoring • Data back-up to disaster recovery site Support System System Domain Whois PostgreSQL Database for performance and scale Database ICANN-Compliant WHOIS Zone File Whois UltraDNS Service • 8 global sites • Real-time updates • Risk management FireWall Web Admin Tool for registrars and Registry Authority rtal Web Po imary DNS P r DNS Secondary1 DNS Secondary2 DNS SecondaryN Confidential

  12. Complete (and customized) value proposition for our customers • Reporting • GAAP conformant Deferred Revenue Accounting • Registration and Trend reporting • Usage and market-share analysis • Registrar/Industry Outreach • Deep connections to major volume movers • Frequent registrar interaction • Specialized Customer Service & Technical Support • Aimed at Registrars • Trained staffers handle calls, emails, fax etc “private label” • Rapid Deployment • 120 days from official “start” to “deployed” • Excellent uptime and reliability • Standards conformant technology • Comply with industry standards • Expert at evolving extensions to standards as needed for specialized purposes Confidential

  13. Marketing & Partnership • Market to top registrars around the world • To carry the TLD • To inform and persuade registrants • Help TLD build a cadre of local registrars • Planning / advice / materials • Supporting collateral materials • Positioning and strategy • Sample marketing messages & tools • Special promotions • Periodic promotions that fit into registrar plans and cycles Confidential

  14. Afilias complements our partners • Afilias can assist TLD registries with: • TLD launch or re-launch process • Proven technology platform, continuously upgraded • Speed of upgrade--systems in place and ready • World-class operations and technology • Compliance with global best practices and technical standards • A secure implementation capable of withstanding DDoS • Access to global distribution leaders to stimulate growth • New services, including registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), IPv6 and DNSSEC • Contacts with international bodies on issues relating to the development and administration of domain name systems • Reliable and trusted technical support to customers worldwide Confidential

  15. Contacts:Desiree Miloshevicdmiloshevic@afilias.infoRoland La PlanteRlaplante@afilias.info

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