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  1. CODICOTE An Interesting and factual profile with related pictures!

  2. How Old is Codicote • Historians believe that the first man, named something along the lines of Cudda, set foot and settled a foundation in Codicote in perhaps 600AD, this means it has been over 1400 years since the first human settled in Codicote.

  3. Population and Important buildings • Codicote is a large village with a population of about three thousand five hundred, to keep all these people happy, a school, a church, a memorial hall, a playgroup, a few shops, a post office and a sports and social club have been built as well as a great number of houses. • Codicote is a commuter village although some people work here; most people live here and travel elsewhere to work.

  4. Where is Codicote? • Codicote is a little North of London, and in the South East of England. Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Greater London are the counties that border Codicote. Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Hitchin, and Hatfield are the local towns all being between 7.5 and 12kms away, Codicote also has the city St.Albans close by. Most of the local towns have reasonably sized shopping areas. Welwyn has got a train station, sports facilities and schools. Stevenage has a large shopping area including a swimming pool. A police station, a train station, and a theatre occupy other parts of Stevenage. Hitchin has got a swimming pool and a medium sized shopping area. St.Albans, being a city, has a Cathedral a large shopping area and an industrial area. The nearest towns with factories and industrial areas are Stevenage, Luton, Welwyn Garden City, Hitchin, Hatfield, and St.Albans.

  5. 150 Years of a fantastic school! More celebrations All the children at codicote school for the 150th CAKE!!

  6. Entertainment • With so many known towns and close by, Codicote citizens are not short for entertainment. • Welwyn Garden City’s theatre brings; live shows, films in the big screen and a roller skating ring. The shopping area can bring amusement for the average teenager. • Stevenage also has a shopping area, a theatre, a police and train station. • Other villages bring more shops, other swimming centres and many other pleasurable activities.

  7. Thoughts and Feelings • Erin’s thoughts about Codicote – I like living in Codicote , mainly because it’s a friendly, sociable village. • Ian’s thoughts – He likes the fact it’s quiet and close to the country side, making it a nice place to be. • Eleanor’s thoughts – Nice place to live with loads of clubs and nice people.

  8. Conclusion • Altogether Codicote is a lovely palace to live/or work. I hope you’ve enjoyed this informative yet interesting profile of Codicote and hope you know as much as possible of a very pleasing village.