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Analyzing Website Traffic PowerPoint Presentation
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Analyzing Website Traffic

Analyzing Website Traffic

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Analyzing Website Traffic

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  1. Analyzing Website Traffic

    Dan Belhassen Modern Earth Inc.
  2. About your presenter Dan Belhassen Founder and President of Modern Earth Inc., an Internet technology company Website creators, online software developers, search engine consultants, elearning specialists, new media marketing specialists Find me in my booth if you want to follow up Presentation available at
  3. Your Website An investment requiring “care and feeding” A marketing tool Promote your programs and services Provide up-to-the-minute information Can increase registrations… …If used correctly
  4. Maximize your ROI Currently tracking your site visitors? Why not? Not sure what to track or review? Takes too long? Not enough information from IT?
  5. Wouldn’t you like to know… Would you like to know How many people “open” your brochure? Which pages are never looked at? Which pages are most popular? Which course descriptions are read but never acted upon? Website statistics provide you with this information
  6. How do I get stats? Use a web statistics service Specialized code is added to each of your web pages This code provides information that is processed and aggregated on a centralized server Your webmaster may already have stats available!
  7. Some Statistics Services Free service, basic capabilities Low cost, advanced capabilities Google Analytics Free service, advanced capabilities
  8. Google Analytics We recommend Google Analytics Easy to install, easy to use FREE
  9. Google Analytics Installing Google Analytics Snippet of code needs to be installed on each web page Called “page tagging”
  10. Google Analytics What statistics are available?
  11. Available Statistics What statistics are available? Visitor traffic Avg. time on site New visits Bounce rates Geography Most viewed content Referring sites Search engine traffic
  12. Available Statistics Entrance Pages Don’t assume it’s your home page! From direct URL Bookmarked, emailed to colleague Why is this page so popular? From search engine What keyword did they use? Did they get sent to the right page?
  13. Available Statistics Exit Pages Examine the top 3 - 5 exit pages Why are people leaving at that page? Are they running into a dead end? Why are people coming to your home page and not clicking any links? Perhaps they were looking for a different site? Perhaps they have you as their home page?
  14. Available Statistics Website Design Factors Browser support Which browsers are visitors using? Which browsers is your site tested against?
  15. Available Statistics Website Design Factors Screen resolution What resolutions are visitors using? How does your site look at different resolutions?
  16. So.. Now you have stats.. What do you do with them? What is really important?
  17. So.. Now we have stats.. “Conversions” are important What are conversions? Have a visitor “take action”
  18. Types of Conversion Any “action” you wish a visitor to take Email newsletter subscription Survey participation Participating in online poll Reading blog entry Obtaining course details Course registration
  19. Tracking Conversions How do you track conversions?
  20. Tracking Conversions Two methods Goal Tracking eCommerce Tracking
  21. Tracking Goals Goal Tracking A visitor taking a specific “conversion” action Track progress through the goal’s “funnel” Set up within “analytics settings” in Analytics
  22. Tracking Goals eCommerce Tracking Track the “value” of specific actions Track the “value” of traffic sources
  23. Website Experience Audit
  24. Website Experience Audit Number of clicks Number of searches Summary  detailed view conversion Detailed  registration conversion
  25. 1. Number of Clicks Keep your visitor’s experience in mind! No more than 3 clicks to get course information Click 1: enter search term Click 2: click on summary link Click 3: detailed information
  26. 2. Number of Searches What are the top searches? Results found Relevant? NOT relevant?
  27. 3. Summary  Detailed View Conversion How many visitors are clicking on a course summary link to obtain further information Try changing some titles and track the results
  28. 4. Detailed  Registration Conversion How many visitors are registering compared to the number viewing details? Why aren’t they registering? Enough information presented? Cost/benefit being properly presented? Registration process too complicated? Knowing the conversion rate allows you to test answers
  29. Good Experience Checklist Text searches and categories Offer at least two ways to find your courses Search for someone who knows what they want Categories for people who want to browse 3 clicks to course information Any more and it’s a lot of work Click 1: enter search term or select category Click 2: summary links Click 3: detailed information
  30. Good Experience Checklist LOTS of detailed course information Online real-estate is cheap – use it! Organize information in sections Allow enough information to answer any questions Flexible & confident registration Support common forms of payment Visa, MC, AMEX, Paypal Emphasize security Option to print and fax or mail?
  31. Keep in Touch! Provide an e-newsletter signup Integrated with registration process Capture tire kickers and promote directly to them Drive future registrations
  32. One more thing.. Now that you know your visitors, how can you learn more about what they want?
  33. One more thing.. Now that you know your visitors, how can you learn more about what they want? Introducing “Google Website Optimizer”
  34. Thank you! Presentation available at