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Digital and Social Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital and Social Learning

Digital and Social Learning

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Digital and Social Learning

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  1. Digital and Social Learning A Millenial’s Perspective

  2. Before starting... • Pull out your smartphones • log onto the following website: • Create a username-it can be your real name or if you want a high five, make a creative one • if your name is already creative, you can get a high five anyway • Watch for the selfie! Room:SDCCDONLINE WiFI Network:NCC Wireless WiFI Password: cefall2015

  3. Who Am I? I am a Millennial: •“the cohort of Americans born between 1980 and the mid-2000s” •Ages- 18-34 •

  4. Millennials are projected to be the largest living generation, passing the baby boomers this year • 6 out of 10 millennials are in college or have graduated from college. •

  5. So What? They are your students!

  6. What makes millenials different? (Other than “self entitlement”) First generation to integrate with the internet and technology as a whole

  7. Consider... • The age at which children are exposed to technology • The skills and coordination involved to operate them (swiping, memorizing icons ) • How many 7 year olds have asked you for your wi-fi password?

  8. To a more focused audience: College students • “Beyond social media, there is also a clear disconnect between how college admins reach out to their students and what students actually pay attention to.” • “While the average college admin, like most adults, is used to reading and sending emails, students are quickly moving away from using email in their daily lives and getting them to check it regularly is painful.” • Per a study by Reynol Junco, Purdue, students use email just six minutes a day compared to 31 minutes on social media. •

  9. What are students doing on their devices?

  10. What else besides wasting time? Smartphones as a digital tool

  11. Smartphone Applications

  12. Crowdsourcing: Obtaining contributions, input or services from people via the internet Online Voting is crowdsourcing

  13. What else does it do? The Power of Crowdsourcing: The story of James Robertson

  14. Growth of SM , 2014-2015

  15. The average college student...

  16. What does this all mean? • Social Learning is more prominent than ever • New styles and methods of communication are being implemented everywhere • Brick and mortar classrooms are not the only classroom • Methods of Informal learning is growing even more

  17. Definition of Informal Learning : “the sharing of information and knowledge among peers via interactive discussions and computer-based methods” -(Source:

  18. Examples of traditional Social Learning • Mentoring • Case Studies • Conferences • Icebreakers • Group Projects • Coaching • Discussions • Debriefs That’s Social Learning

  19. To clarify... • Social Media is not new (Remember Instant messaging? blogs ?) • Social and technological convergence is new: • Social Media platforms now augment and support social learning

  20. Mechanisms of Social Learning Platform • Crowdsourcing Content:Gofundme, indiegogo • Emphasis on User-Related Content:Youtube • Sharing Content: “Share on FB, Share on twitter” • Identifying with a community: FB Groups

  21. Let’s look at Twitter... Microblogging: short, condensed updates Others: Snapchat and vine

  22. Do these mechanisms intertwine? Yes! By integration of hashtags among different platforms, one is able to search for specific criteria of information using the same method

  23. Development of Hashtags/micromedia 2007 Firestorm

  24. Did you know...

  25. #Hashtags • #sandiegofires gave first hand accounts to the situation from people • updates were simple to look up when a TV was not nearby. • Information was instant and concise • Information for traffic updates, locations for shelters, etc. • Information dispersed through another medium that was focused on a particular topic

  26. Hashtags today: #blacklivesmatter #worldcup #deflategate #throwbackthursday or #tbt #tacotuesday Someone “coins” the term and if it is trendy enough, people will reuse the hashtags

  27. Snapchat • Picture/Video Messaging app • The kicker: After viewing material, the content will be deleted • Countermovement to the permanent “status” of other social media platforms (information can always be found again)

  28. Again, why? “Live in the moment” based app or “YOLO” for the Drake fans 100 million users

  29. Vine Twitter’s video app 6 second clips that will loop Example of how it works: Lego Demonstration

  30. Instagram • Mobile photo and video sharing app • 300 Million Users

  31. What do Instagram and Snapchat share ? Visual based media (photos and videos)

  32. Just how quickly can things catch on? Just ask this racoon Increasing at a faster rate than the traditional platforms (facebook, blogs, etc)

  33. What does this prove? • Engaging on social media = immediate and concise. • This is how we are being conditioned to expect learning

  34. Implications inside of a classroom Create more opportunities for interaction Example: Socrative Teacher/Student Demo

  35. How about... implementing real time feedback somehow? Tools: • Socrative: • Twitter: hashtag movement and create sense of belonging! -Former student I tutored made me a hashtag

  36. To use in a classroom *Demo on Socrative* For more information, click here:

  37. One More Detail! Must be mobile friendly! “Responsive” web design” Platform must have consistency across all mediums(Computer, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, etc).

  38. Thanks for Attending! #SDCCDSM