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Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives

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Pocket Knives

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  1. Old Timer Knives Schrade knives are one of the most highly respected knives that have been offered in America as well as the other part of the world. Mainly founded by Stewart Taylor way back 1975, the Taylor Brands are producing high designed knives that could suit the taste of all people.

  2. Schrade Knives Schrade Company was a famous company way back then since they are supplying knives for almost hundreds of years now. They are the one that gives knives for soldiers and civilians in movies as well as in real life. Aside from the schrade knives, the schrade Company also offers different knives like the versatile Henry knife as well as their old trademarks which are the old timer knives.

  3. Pocket Knives The old timer knives were very famous from this brand that is why you cannot just blame the people if they are saddened with the news about Schrade Company. It is because this is one of the knives that are ideal to everyone’s home. Also, it has been used by militaries and law enforcements for its quality and durable features. The design takes place with saw cut handles and nickel bolsters. It has a logo inside of it in which inlay shield where old timers stamp has been put in to.

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