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dhcp prefix delegation for nemo n.
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DHCP - Prefix Delegation for NEMO PowerPoint Presentation
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DHCP - Prefix Delegation for NEMO

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DHCP - Prefix Delegation for NEMO
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DHCP - Prefix Delegation for NEMO

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  1. 59th IETF, NEMO WG DHCP - Prefix Delegation for NEMO Ralph Droms (Cisco) Pascal Thubert (Cisco)

  2. Problem Summary • Delegation of prefixes from home network to MR • Delegation of local prefixes to MR for hierarchical NEMO NEMO WG - IETF 59

  3. Delegation from HA to MR • MR needs prefixes from home network to be assigned within mobile network • Proposal: Use DHCPv6 (through tunnel) for prefix delegation • HA acts as DR, MR acts as RR • HA configured with prefixes from home network • HA acts as DHCPv6 relay agent for other configuration • MR acts as DHCPv6 relay agent for MNs NEMO WG - IETF 59

  4. Use of DHCPv6 for Delegation • Provides a dynamic provisioning of NEMO-prefixes • Controls the NEMO-prefix lifecycle • Can be coupled with a backend authorization system for basic nemo explicit prefix mode • Similar to draft-paakkonen-nemo-prefix-delegation; reuses NEMO and DHCPv6 PD • Could be coupled with NAI for full discovery • (ftp://ftp-eng.cisco.com/mipdrafts/MIPv6/draft-patel-mipv6-nai-option-01.txt) NEMO WG - IETF 59

  5. Local Delegation for Hierarchical NEMO • Latest draft: draft-droms-nemo-dhcpv6-pd-01.txt • A new Local Mobility Management Model • To NEMO what HMIP is to MIPv6 • (So keep in mind the HMIP model) • Standards based (NEMO + DHCP-PD) NEMO WG - IETF 59

  6. DHCP-PD based LMM (1) • Access router for visited link (AR-VL) owns an aggregation • AR-VL is NEMO HA for that aggregation • AR-VL is also DHCP-PD for that aggregation • MR builds local CoA from AR-VL prefix • MR obtains prefix from AR-VL via DHCP-PD • MR exposes delegated prefix as NEMO-prefix NEMO WG - IETF 59

  7. DHCP-PD based LMM (2) • MR binds Delegated Prefix to AR-VL using NEMO explicit prefix (from local CoA) • MR autoconfigures a global CoA from its Delegated Prefix to bind its own NEMO-prefixes to its HA • Only the Delegated Prefix is exposed for visitors to build a CoA • Recursively, MRs build a local CoA Address from visited Prefix, forming a tree • Visitors packets are tunneled to AR (as a local HA), not to MR Home NEMO WG - IETF 59

  8. Advantages of the solution Inherits HMIP benefits for LMM • When a MR moves within the tree of a given AR-VL, the MR keeps its delegated prefix • the global CareOf from delegated prefix does not change so no need to rebind Home • MR builds a new Local CoA from same AR-VL’s aggregation and rebinds its Delegated Prefix to AR-VL using NEMO • When moving outside of the AR-VL tree, the MR may keep the Delegated Prefix and bind it from outside for a small period of time Nested NEMO Route Optimization • Visitors packets are tunneled to AR-VL (as a local HA), not to MR Home • AR-VL decapsulates nested tunnels and forwards only the inner MR-HA tunnel • So no pinball routing and no nested tunnels in the Infrastructure • Local Nested tunnels can be saved using Reverse Routing Header Security • Visitors packets can not attack Home since they are not sent over MR-HA • AR-VL can be used for AAA, filtering and firewalling purposes Privacy between visitors and visited in nested NEMO • Only local delegated prefixes are exposed in the clear for visitors • Visitors can uses RFC 3041 to protect their ID when building their local CoA • Visitors can use ESP to protect their data Standards based • Mostly reuses standards flows (NEMO + DHCP-PD from draft 0) NEMO WG - IETF 59

  9. Example of DHCP-PD based LMM HA1 HA2 NEMO binding: MR1 via DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR1 AR owns DHCP:AGGR:DHCP::/48 MR1 autoconfs DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:DHCP::MR1 MR1 gets DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::/64 from AR using DHCP-PD MR1 binds DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::/64 with CoA DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:DHCP::MR1 to AR using NEMO Explicit Prefix MR1 autoconfs DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR1 MR1 binds its own MNets with CoA DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR1 to HA1 MR2 autoconfs DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR2 MR1 tunnels MR2’s packets to AR Etc… NEMO binding: MR2 via DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR2::MR2 AR HA DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:DHCP::DHCP Access Link DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:DHCP::/64 DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:DHCP::MR1 MR1 Other MR MN DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR1 Delegated MNet DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::/64 DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR1::MR2 MR2 Other MR MN DHCP:AGGR:MR1:MR2::MR2 Delegated MNet DHCP:AGGR:DHCP:MR2::/64 NEMO WG - IETF 59

  10. Mailing List issues • ? NEMO WG - IETF 59