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Unit 2 Jobs and Careers PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

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Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

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  1. Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

  2. Unit Tasks • Lead in:listen and talk about job seeking; • Read and Explore:2 passages about online job applications and first job experiences; • Practical Writing:How to make a better resume.

  3. Lead in • Your ideas about jobs and careers: • Job vs. career? • payment vs. pursuit • What are the major steps in applying for a job? • information →preparation • →interview →recruitment • Sources of information?

  4. Listen to the passage about job hunting and try to fill the missing words. Click here to listen.

  5. About job hunting • a source for information • some skills in job hunting • different qualifications for different jobs • Teaching as an example

  6. search offer identify confidence employer qualifications certainly minimum learning styles importance Reference Answers

  7. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

  8. Contents • Think about It • Text awareness • What to focus on • Language focus • (Exercises from the textbook)

  9. Think about It • What does the title mean? • Your idea on online job application? • Feasible or not?

  10. Text awareness What is the article mainly about? One adjective to describe the author’s attitude? Case studies?

  11. Those who have benefited from online application Theresa Smith: graduating---- JobTrak Steven Tools: curious---CareerBuilder Madeline Gragg: wanted a change---Yahoo Nedzad Dozlic: coincidence---Houston Chronicle Wendy Mello---CareerBuilder

  12. Questions for understanding 1. What is JOB-TRAK? It is an Internet website that lists as many as 45,000 job opportunities.

  13. 2. How did Tools get the job as a marketing manager? He got the job because of his curiosity about the employment site named CareerBuilder.

  14. 3. Why did Gragg apply to teach English in Japan? Because she wanted a change in her life.

  15. 4. What is Dozlic's job now? He is now a driver at a local car dealership.

  16. 5. What preparations did Mello make before she went for her interview? She searched the Internet for information about the financial performance of the company she was interested in, the salary she should ask for, and the possible living accommodations available to her there.

  17. What to focus on Part I The story of Theresa Smith

  18. Northwestern University Northwestern University is a private, coeducational institution with campuses in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. The school was founded in 1851. The university confers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees in a wide range of fields.

  19. the State of Illinois Illinois is a state in the north central United States, in the heart of the Midwest. Since entering the Union on December 3, 1818, as the 21st state, the economy of Illinois has expanded until today. Illinois is one of the most productive agricultural and industrial states in the Union, and its economic influence now extends far beyond the Midwest.

  20. Thecareer placement center referredthe liberal-arts majorto JOB-TRAK, an Internet site listing 45,000entry-levelpositions.(para. 1) The career placement center advises the student majoring in liberal arts to visit JOB-TRAK, a website containing 45,000 jobs for new emplyees. career:a job or profession for which one is trained and which one intends to follow for the whole of one's life Work; job; career; vocation; profession; occupation career-oriented

  21. JOBTRAK.COM is the largest and most popular job listing service on the Web for college students, MBAs and alumni. Through its exclusive partnerships with career centers nationwide, JOBTRAK.COM allows you to reach job-seeking students and alumni from your choice of more than 1,000 colleges and university career centers, MBA programs, and alumni associations. Any Chinese website of this feature?

  22. Chicago The city of Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois, on the shore of Lake Michigan and at the mouth of the Chicago River. The presence of numerous waterways and one of the nation’s busiest airports helps make Chicago a major shipping and transportation center. City skyline, Chicago Chicago night view

  23. administrator administration administrative administer

  24. Part II The story of Steven Tools

  25. Smith is one American whoclicked her way into a job. (para. 4) Smith is is one of those who found a job online. click one’s way make one’s way find one’s way

  26. the State of Maryland The Maryland colony was founded in 1634 and was named for the wife of English King Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria. Colonial Maryland attracted many settlers and, as its economy prospered, so did its social, political, and cultural life. Maryland entered the Union on April 28, 1788, as the 7th of the original 13 states.

  27. resident:a person who lives ( in a place) and is not just a visitor Reside / residence / residential Habitant / habitat / habitation Examples: • The local residents were angry at the lack • of parking spaces.

  28. come across:meet or discover, esp. by chance Cf. run into Examples: She came across some beautiful poemsin the course of her search.

  29. CareerBuilder CareerBuilder is an online recruiting and job awareness service. Job seekers are exposed to more than 300,000 updated jobs, representing more than 25,000 of the top employers in almost every industry and field. CareerBuilder makes it easy for employers to reach the audiences they want and hire the talent they need to get the most out of their return on investment. More than 6 million who visit CareerBuilder each month. In addition, employers have access to more than 4 million active resumes in CareerBuilder's extensive resume database.

  30. What is the difference between Job-Trak and CareerBuilder?

  31. fill out / in:put in (whatever is needed to complete something) Examples: • After Tom passed his driving test he filled • out an application for his driver's license. • The policeman filled out a report of the • accident.

  32. Examples: fill up:make or become completely full • The room was soon filled up with people. • The rain has filled up the ditches again. fill the heart with hope fill (in) a form fill (out) a cheque fill (up/in) the blanks fill the guests with nice food fill an office satisfactorily fill an urgent need fill an order fill a prescription

  33. profile • his profile on the picture • a profile of the new manager

  34. "The Internet is like hiring apersonal assistant," says Tools. "Effortlessly you can become aware of opportunities that mayelevate your career." (para. 6) The Internet is like a personal helper. It can easily tell you about new chances to improve your career. “有了因特网,就像雇了一个私人助理,”图尔斯说。“你可以毫不费劲地留意到一些机会,让你的事业更上一个新台阶。”

  35. segment • a segment of a television program • business segments

  36. Most major newspapers and trade publications have on-line versionsof theirclassified listings, enabling job-seekers to scan for work available across town, in another state, or around the world. (Para. 7) classified ads Most major newspapers and specialist journals have their job advertisements online, to help job-seekers quickly spot job vacancies anywhere in the world. 大型报纸和商务出版物的分类广告大多都有在线版, 求职者能搜索到市内、国内甚至国外的一些工作机会。

  37. Part III • The stories of Madeline Gragg and Nedzad Dozllic

  38. intrigue • Your story intrigues me. • Hibernation has long intrigued biologists. • political intrigues • Intrigues in the royal family

  39. procedure:an action or set of actions necessary for doing something Examples: • Filling a check is quite a simple procedure. • We have worked out a new set of • procedures for using this machine. procedure vs. process

  40. Houston Houston is an integrated website for daily information, including news, sports, entertainment, AD search, classified, etc.

  41. Part IV • The story of Wendy Mello

  42. Tofind outmore about the company,she clicked on to Artitron'shome pageand that of itsparent company, Ceridian Corp.,whereshe reviewed an annual report and the company's financial performance. (para. 13) To learn more about the company she entered its website and the website of its headquarters, and studied it's the company's yearly report and financial situations. 为了了解该公司的更多情况,她又点击了Artitron 的主页,以及它的母公司Ceridian Corp.的主页,查看了一份年度报告,以及该公司的财政状况。

  43. choose to work job-hunting résumés Internet clicking a mouse experiences of five people Theresa Smith Steven Tools Madeline Gragg Nedzad Dozlic Wendy Mello typical examples Write a summary of the text

  44. Summary of the Text Since most students will choose towork after graduation, job-hunting is of great importance to them. They will write résumés about their education and send them to the companies they want to work for. It takes both time and energy to do so. Now, thanks to the development of the Internet, job-hunting becomes much easier. Job-hunters can find a job just by clicking a mouse on the computer. Many of them make their dream come true through the Internet.

  45. Summary of the Text This article describes the experiences of five people who used online sources to look for new jobs. Theresa Smith used the JOB-TRAK website to find an administrative assistant's job at a university. Steven Tools used the CareerBuilder website to find a marketing management position. Madeline Gragg used Yahoo! to find a job teaching English in Japan.

  46. Summary of the Text Nedzad Dozlic used a newspaper website to find a driver's job with a car dealership. Wendy Mello used CareerBuilder to find a position in human resources for a media-information-services company. Mello also used another website to calculate the cost of living in her new location and decide what salary to request. All these are typical examples of online job searches, since many different types of jobs can now be found this way.

  47. 1. version,   2. publications,    3. click,    4. spotted,    5. refugees,   6. entries,   7. financial,    8. full-time,   9. detailed,    10. annual  Reference for Language Focus Exercise 4

  48. Exercise 5  1. set up,   2. came across,    3. ,    4. check out,    5. learnt of / learned of 

  49. Exercise 6 • The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident. • I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. • If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure.

  50. 4. We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help. 5. After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat.