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Chinese national ball game—Table tennis

Chinese national ball game—Table tennis. The origin of table tennis. Table Tennis is originated from the United Kingdom in the late 19th century.

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Chinese national ball game—Table tennis

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  1. Chinese national ball game—Table tennis

  2. The origin of table tennis Table Tennis is originated from the United Kingdom in the late 19th century. The turn of the century brought many other refinements to the sport. Players started using celluloid balls after the English man James Gibb discovered them during a trip to the United States in 1901 and proved them to be perfect for Ping-Pong . .

  3. In 1904, a shanghai shop keeper called Wang Dao WU, brought 10 sets of table tennis tools home,and the game was then introduced to china

  4. The development ofChineseTable Tennis In 1935,the first national table tennis game had been launched . In 1959,a competitor named Rong Guotuang took the first word champion. So for, ​​the total number of world champion Chinese table tennis team  made  have over 100.

  5. Olympic gold medals

  6. Champions

  7. China's pingpong players enjoy high prestige in the world . Chinese atheletes have dominated the top three in the table tennis competition of the Beijing Olympic Games ,when three flags of People's Republic of China raised.

  8. Basic shots of table tennis Basic shots of table tennis includes the forehand and backhand chops, the forehand and backhand drives, the backspin chop, the block shot, the drop short, the smash, the cross shot and the half volley.  乒乓球的基本打法包括:正手反手削球、正手和反手削球、正手和反手抽球、削下旋球、推挡、吊球、扣杀、斜线球和快拨

  9. The meaning of development of table tennis • Using the 40 mm big ball 38毫米 40毫米 小球 大球

  10. Using "11 points"  rule

  11. The advantages of table tennis • For personal • For our country

  12. For personal: • Less demanding of venue and equipment, and easy to learn; • Prevention of myopia • Development of intelligence • Relax oneself • Make friends • Promote cooperation

  13. Forthe country • Improve the international reputation; Establish A Positive Relationship with other country; Such as “Ping-pong diplomacy”

  14. Table Tennis and the Cold War • On April 6th, 1971, the US table tennis team was invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to play in China.

  15. Four days later, nine players, four officials and two spouses crossed the bridge from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland. They were the first group of Americans to be allowed into the country since the communist take-over in 1949.

  16. A visit to China by President Nixon.

  17. All in all: This sport is developing, and our people is in progress as the world's progress.

  18. Thanks for appreciating, see you… 感谢欣赏,后会有期…

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