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custom bent glass

custom bent glass

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custom bent glass

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  2. custom glass fabricators • Custom Glass is the fabricators of glass in whichever design you may say. Here we provide glasses of ultimate quality, high strength and better longevity. Our products are of well engineered and heavily delivered.

  3. Bullet Resistant Glass • Custom Glass - Custom Glass Fabricators, specializes and take care of your custom fabricated glass needs. We insist on quality and delivery, and are proud of our engineering capabilities. We specialize in the fabrication of: polycarbonate bullet proof and resistant glass and other forms of custom fabricated glass. Custom Glass has also Impedio – Glass Clad Polycarbonate and Impedio - Laminated Polycarbonate specially designed for safety and security. It can resist physical attacks, ballistic impact and forced entry. It combines the scratch, heat and chemical resistance of a strengthened glass surface and the impact resistance of a polycarbonate core.

  4. Hurricane Resistant Glass • Custom Glass protects interiors of buildings from flying debris and pressure changes caused by hurricanes. We have hurricane resistant glass annealed or heat strengthened to provide strength to withstand wind pressure during hurricanes.

  5. Tempered Safety Glass • Custom Glass Fabricators makes safety glass that is mixed or tempered to provide strength and durability. You are safe and secure with these glasses. Available in variety of tints, coatings and patterns.

  6. Custom Bent Glass • Custom Glass has customized bent glasses for you to suit your needs in architecture, showcase, cabinet, security and transportation. Our experience and engineering knowledge allow us to fabricate with precision and quality.

  7. Laminated Safety Glass • Custom Glass offers standard and custom laminated safety glasses up to 3" thick. It protects you from collisions, impacts and physical attacks. Customized with drilling, polishing, sand-blasting, bevelling, and pattern cuts to provide you with the best finished product.

  8. Silk Screened Glass • Custom glass has silk screened glass fabricated as per your designs. Our designs are standard dot, hole, and line patterns to the customer's custom designed art work. It has paints, decorative designs and solar control.