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Topic 2	 World of Jesus and NT

Topic 2 World of Jesus and NT

Topic 2 World of Jesus and NT. A. Jewish history (late OT – NT period) Oppression, persecution, and rebellion Babylonian period (587-39 BC ) – Jerusalem fell; Temple destroyed; Exile – “Babylonian captivity” Persian period (539-333 BC ) – Restoration - Temple rebuilt

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Pharisaism Is Not Dead

Pharisaism Is Not Dead

Pharisaism Is Not Dead. Pharisaism. Intent: Interpret and Apply Result: Traditions Made Law

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The Charge of Pharisaism

The Charge of Pharisaism

d. The Charge of Pharisaism. http://www.unpopulartruth.org/phariseeism.html. Have you ever thought or insinuated to others that your church was the best? There is only ONE church, and it belongs to Jesus. Ephesians 4:4-6, Matthew 16:18 That church is where one must be to be saved.

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