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5 Obvious Reasons Why Silent Disco Headphones Are Becoming So Popular In India?

5 Obvious Reasons Why Silent Disco Headphones Are Becoming So Popular In India?

Silent disco headphones- the name in itself tell you everything about the product. In fact, it even sounds a bit contradictory to. Who would have imagined that the words silent and disco would be taken in one breath. But, thanks to technology it has now become possible to enjoy loud music in pubs, lounges, events and parties with the aid of silent disco headphones. You just need to put these wireless headphones on your head. Switch to the music channel of your choice and you can simply enjoy the music being played by the DJ. And the best part is, you won’t be disturbing anyone else in the process. As a matter of fact, these silent wireless disco headphones comes active noise cancellation system that doesn’t let any sound spill out. And these silent party headphones does not even come with a high price tag if bought or rented from a reliable source like Translation India. Rising Popularity in India If you come to think of it, silent disco headphones have taken over the Indian party scene. Everywhere you see, you cold fins a silent DJ party a silent disco night being organized. So, what exactly is the reason behind the sudden rise in the trend of these cool headphones in India? Of course, actors RanbirKapoor, Anushka Sharma & the breakup song in the movie AeDilHaiMushkil have played a major role in the introduction of the silent disco headphones in India. But what exactly are the actual reasons making silent disco headphones a rage in India. Here we take a look at 5 such obvious reasons: Reason No.1 In India, the government has put up a ‘no loud music after 10 pm’ rule due to which the Indian party industry was suffering a lot. But with introduction of Bluetooth silent disco headphones, partygoers in India don’t have to worry about restriction of time whatsoever! Reason No. 2 Silent disco headphones do not cause disturbance to absolutely anyone. With zero interference from outside and active noise cancellation feature, silent disco headphones don’t allow even a tiniest bit of music spilling out of your ears. There is no cause for neighbors, residents etc. tocomplain about playing of loud music anywhere. Reason No. 3 You no longer have to wait to listen to your favorite song. The 3 channel silent disco headphones allow music to be played on 3 different music channels. You just need to turn on to channel of your choice and enjoy from 1 of the 3 songs being played at the same time. Now, isn’t that smart use of technology? Reason No. 4 The problem of space for party is solved! Why look for any other place when silent disco headphones can be used even in your own living room! Host your own party without any worries. Reason No. 5 DJ parties are not the only thing for which these silent party headphones can be used. One can use them for a variety of purposes including silent conferences. For your next big corporate event, hire dozens of these silent disco headphones and hold multiple conferences at the same time in same room! Translation India is one of the biggest providers of silent disco headphones on rent. Simply contact one of the premium translation and language interpretation equipment providing company for your next event and host your silent party or conference night in peace!

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