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Tutoring Tips - Establishing the Perfect Rapport With The Student

Tutoring Tips - Establishing the Perfect Rapport With The Student

Each of us experienced our school years differently. Some with confidence, social success, and academic ability, and others with our breaths held until we could finally escape the throes of HS despair. Teenagers are adept at masking their feelings from Adults, and unless you are a statistics tutor, you may be unaware of - or misinterpreting - the feelings that your young student is harbouring as they sit across from you each week. Why should you care? Well, aside from the personal responsibility you assume working one-on-one with a young adult, your overall success as a tutor and your odds of being retained and referred to other clients depend as much on your relationship with your teenage student as they do on your academic expertise. Does it really matter if your student 'likes you'? YES! Not that you should be buddies with your student - that's a bad idea. You'll probably want to revaluate your relationship student. Rather, your students should never be afraid to ask you questions or make silly mistakes in your presence; in short, they should feel comfortable with you. Students who are used to working with Adults and are motivated to learn will show progress regardless of the tutoring environment. But many, if not most, of the students are already struggling with confidence, and your demeanour and reaction to their progress - or lack thereof - can make all the difference. Teenagers can't choose their school teachers, but they often have a say in whom their parents hire - and retain - as their Statistics tutor Montreal.

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