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Event security perth

Event security perth

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Event security perth

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  1. event security perth Security Services Perth is one of the fastest growing West Australian owned and operated Security Companies in Perth. We, as a supplier of licensed uniformed and plain clothed guards, have rapidly expanded, branching out to include its numerous Security services in response to emerging and changing client needs.

  2. Mobile Patrol We recognize that visibility is dominant, so when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site each day they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. Understanding that opportunists often take advantage of larger areas, with this package All Security Services Perth officers can provide coverage for greater expanses at excellent value for money.

  3. School Security We have the flexibility and resources to serve schools and campuses across the country, even those with multiple locations. All Security Services Perth provides a strong team of local school security professionals who have the knowledge and experience to grip any security situation that may arise in your facility. All Security Services Perth – working to protect our children, our future. Contact All Security Services Perth for more information on our customized school security services.

  4. Shopping Center Security Shopping mall security services are among All Security Services Perth most popular offerings. Every shopping mall, regardless of how safe the area, needs security services to reduce theft and probable wreckage. All Security Services Perth has a highly qualified team of security personnel who are experienced in providing clients with shopping mall security services. These services include theft avoidance, vandalism, minimizing disturbance of the peace, possible crime and kidnappings, and protecting public safety. Being known as an unsafe shopping mall is the quickest way to kill business and profits. By providing shopping mall security guards, the mall creates a safe, inviting atmosphere that encourages the public to spend more time and money in the stores.

  5. Our Mission To protect and preserve our Customers assets and their interests; To provides a safe environment for our people; To provide a sense of security to residence; To act on any criminal or illegal activity and report such matters to the Police; Maintain a pro-active security presence; Protect against wastage of power, water and gas; Prevent or minimise loss by acts of God carelessness and disobedience; To assist where possible Residents, the Public and the Community;

  6. Contact us Address: 45 Meyrick Way, Langford WA 6147 Phone: 0404 678 555 Email:

  7. Thank you