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Easy Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook security is no fun these days and should be taken very seriously. Here are 5 Quick ways in which you can ensure the best security options for your facebook security purpose. For More Details Visit : https://www.assistanceforall.com/services/facebook-support/ or Call Us On: 1-877-916-7666

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Easy Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account

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  1. 5 Easy Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account The world is becoming shorter every day with the presence of internet connection. Today anyone from any part of the world can get connected to other person located in a different place. Facebook has just enhanced this experience in the most fecund manner. Today there are more than 2 billion active monthly users present on Facebook who are enjoying this online Facebook support with all ease. People love sharing their moments with their friends and family, and they love sharing their life anytime and with anyone they want. But be aware! If you are not using FB with cautions, it might create havoc in your life. Security issues with Facebook In the past few years, numbers of Facebook users have seen an increase, which has led to the increase in the crime rate due to Facebook. According to a survey by an online portal in 2012, a case has been filed every 40 minutes, against crime linked to Facebook. Suddenly there was a wave among the FB users. They were deleting their FB accounts due to the security issue. Seeing the catastrophic situation among social media users, various Facebook support services providers have come to aid the victims. After a thorough analysis, we have jotted the 5 best ways to secure Facebook account which will save your online identity. 1. Restrict The Third Part Log-In Presently, every application which requires sign or login gives you the option to easily login through Facebook. Well, here the beans are spilled. Do not allow access to any third party application to enter into your account. By clicking on Yes or Accept button. Always check your application setting and remove all the unnecessary apps that you have ever used. Go to setting > Apps > click “X” button on every app.

  2. 2. Do not post everything Another most important thing about posting on Facebook is that do not post on it. No, we do not mean to avoid posting at all on your social media account. Rather we and experts suggest you to avoid sharing every single thing on this platform. Off-course Facebook is meant to share your everyday moments with your known. On the same hand, hackers are also waiting for you to give them a single chance to let them enter into your account and misuse your information. Thus, try to post fewer photos, videos or check-in information on Facebook. 3. Make your FB friends your authenticators Facebook has given an amazing feature to make three of your Facebook friends to authenticate your account. Whenever Facebook recognize any unauthentic login attempt, it locks your account down. To regain the access you have to choose three friends from your FB friend list to whom FB will send verification codes for authentication. Settings > Security and log in > select three friends 4. Two-factor Authentication Apart from friend authentication, there is one more way that Facebook has given and it is the facility of two-factor authentication. This feature is actually present in almost all social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is just like adding an additional layer of security to your account. If you have turned on this feature and login into your account, a security code will be generated to your registered mobile number. You fill that code to login into your account. This code is more like an OTP (One Time Passcode). 5. Limit Your Login Devices If you use Facebook frequently and don’t know on which device you have logged in, then this feature is for you. To confirm if your FB account does not login into any unknown device, just follow these steps: Settings > Security > Login Here you can see all the devices your account is logged in. You can remove any device which is unknown to you.

  3. Bonus Security Tips: Limit the visibility of your posts Turn off Facebook Ads Secure your profile picture Keep changing your password every two months Make your browsing secured Sources : 1. https://www.facebook.com/help/379220725465972 2. https://www.assistanceforall.com/services/facebook-support/ 3. https://www.wikihow.com/Secure-Your-Facebook-Account

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