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Top Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Look for an agency that is open and has plenty of experience in your type of industry. If when you talk to the agency they seem to be vague and have a hard time explaining to you just how they were able to add SEO value to their other clients, it’s time to find another agency.

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Top Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

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  1. Top Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency Before Hiring Them Straight Up Digital

  2. After you have spent all the time and money creating the perfect business and then a website to promote it you need to have it properly search engine optimised. You can spend the time (lots of it) learning all about doing it yourself or hire a reputable local SEO company on The Gold Coast who will be able to bring your website and business alive. To find the perfect SEO agency there are some important questions that need to be answered:

  3. You need to establish that he SEO agency has had experience with similar types of companies as yours and is indeed able to help you. Ask them about the challenges the company was able to overcome during the last year on behalf of their clients and their own company. • This will help to see just how flexible and adaptable they are. If they can talk about how they have dealt with issues such as search engine indexing problems, duplicate content issues and sudden drops in search engine ratings then you know they are experienced in the working of SEO.

  4. Find out about the team that will be dealing with your SEO account, do they have experience in your particular field? • What SEO areas do they all specialize in? • Will you be able to interact with them and have them talk directly to you? • Is this business locally based or spread over the country (outsourced) • Will they visit your company and talk with your employees so they really get to know your business and its unique situation?

  5. Does the Agency have a portfolio of successful clients they have dealt with and if not, why not? • Find out how they achieved the successful goals of those websites? • Find out just how they will go about using their knowledge to help your website? • Find out if they use any particular SEO tools and how they gauge their success? • Are they experienced in digital marketing?

  6. Costs and Prices • What type of fees and expenses will they charge and do they require a retaining fee? You need a SEO agency that is results driven not one that is motivated by payments. If they ask for a large retainer fee upfront it is likely they will do little for you. • A local results orientated SEO agency on the Gold Coast is probably going to ask for a small reasonable upfront fee to cover expenses and then come to an arrangement with you that you can afford and they can operate with, as you expand so will their input

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