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Kverneland Taarup Horizontal Auger Diet Feeders PowerPoint Presentation
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Kverneland Taarup Horizontal Auger Diet Feeders

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Kverneland Taarup Horizontal Auger Diet Feeders
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Kverneland Taarup Horizontal Auger Diet Feeders

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  1. Kverneland Taarup Horizontal Auger Diet Feeders Product Information 2012

  2. 1 2 3 4 5 Range overview 2 Auger System Weighing System Different Material Even Distribution >>Exit

  3. Range overview

  4. Two Auger SystemHorizontal Auger Diet Feeders

  5. Overview Kverneland 608-610-612-614-616-618 Brochure

  6. - Simple chain & sprocket transmission for long life & simple maintenance - All chains and sprockets are situated in an oil bath, providing continuous lubrication Robust Auger Drive - Easy access to the complete drive mechanism

  7. The two contra-rotating augers ensure fast incorporation of long or baled material with other components The auger- shear bar combination permits the fast incorporation of baled or long material, ensuring mixing time is as short as possible The Two Auger System The shear bar

  8. The Knives The two augers are fitted with replaceable circular cutting knives with a multiple of useable cutting edges For a more aggressive cutting action - additional knives can be fitted to the augers as necessary

  9. The Mixing Chamber The lower part of the mixing chamber features a unique design of corrosion resistant Cor-Ten steel overlaid with Ultra-Glide plastic liners - Cor-Ten prevents rusting of the lower mixing chamber - Ultra-Glide plastic is unaffected by moisture & acid, while helping to reduce friction & power required during mixing. Ultra-Glide plastic can be replaced quickly & at relatively low cost.

  10. Weighing SystemHorizontal Auger Diet Feeders

  11. Kverneland 600 series offer a highly accurate weighing system - the Kverneland TMRscale Full Control During Loading

  12. Weighing and Sensor

  13. The 3 heavy duty weigh bars ensure long life and accuracy - an essential consideration when formulating feed rations The Weighing System

  14. The easy to read display is mounted on a rotating arm that can be mounted either side of the machine and viewed during the loading and discharge operations Full Control During Loading

  15. The Kverneland TMRscale is available in 3 formats: 401 - simple up/down weigh scale 402 - simple up/down weigh scale with remote control unit for all functions (excluding system on/off) 403 - fully programmable weigh scale for multiple recipes with multiple components The Kverneland TMRscale

  16. With the optional remote control (model TMRscale 402) the scale is easily reset from the loader between each feed component - ideal for loading and feeding by 1 person The Remote Control

  17. Different MaterialHorizontal Auger Diet Feeders

  18. Easy and Convenient Incorporation of All Material The Kverneland 600 series is specifically designed to incorporate all feed formats into the ration without the need for pre-chopping

  19. Incorporation of All Material Round bales Loose clamp material Square bales Concentrates

  20. Incorporation of All Material

  21. The combination of the two contra-rotating augers and the shear bar offers the possibility to cut & mix all material types in all formats - even 2 bales at the same time! Fast Incorporation of Even Two Bales

  22. Fast Cutting & Mixing Action

  23. Small amount of minerals and concentrates can be introduced into the ration via the loading grill at the rear. Adding Minerals

  24. Even DistributionHorizontal Auger Diet Feeders

  25. All machines are prepared for distribution to 1 or 2 sides - discharge to left or right side independently or even simultaneously Even Distribution • Discharge options include simple discharge chute ….. • ….. or PVC discharge conveyor in lengths from 0,65 to 2m

  26. Even Distribution

  27. The silent-running ribbed conveyor belt ensures precise and even distribution Conveyor Belt

  28. The conveyor systems offer flexibility for discharge onto the floor, over feed barriers or into troughs. Discharge height is controlled by the hydraulic lift cylinder Conveyor Belt

  29. The fixed discharge chute is an ideal solution for low cost discharge or when operating in narrow cow sheds Fixed Discharge Chute

  30. If necessary the Kverneland 600 series can be supplied with two doors for simultaneous distribution on left and right side in one pass Two Doors for More Efficient Feeding

  31. An easily visible graduated indicator at the front of the machine informs the driver regarding the discharge door position Door Position Indicator

  32. The 4 Arguments - 600 Series 1 2 contra-rotating augers & circular knives with multiple cutting edges – flexibility to cut and mix with the same machine 2 Fully modular & adjustable central shear bar for cutting & mixing all feed materials 3 Precise weighing system with remote control options for very easy operation 4 • Multiple discharge options to suit the feeding method of each farm