our aim is provide you with only the business n.
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nbn broadband plans - Seqcomms PowerPoint Presentation
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nbn broadband plans - Seqcomms

nbn broadband plans - Seqcomms

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nbn broadband plans - Seqcomms

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  1. Our aim is provide you with only the business telephone systems that you need and not to charge you for features or extra lines you don’t need. Our job is to tailor our telecommunications services to your business needs.

  2. The internet is about to get a whole lot faster. Australia’s new national broadband network is rolling out across the country, and will open up a world of possibilities for business. With access to faster, more reliable and affordable internet and phone services, the nbn will mean Australian businesses will be more than ready for a digital future.

  3. ABOUT What is the nbn? The internet is about to get a whole lot faster. With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (nbn) old technology used to deliver the internet and phone are being replaced with superior connections, which means access to next generation internet and phone services that are much faster, more reliable and more affordable. The nbn is a government initiative owned by nbn co and is one of Australia’s largest ever infrastructure projects. Initial internet speeds will be as high as 100Mbps with the potential to increase to one gigabit per second (1Gbps) in years to come. The nbn will help your business become more productive, more efficient and more than ready for a digital future. How does the nbn work? The nbn will use a mixture of technologies depending on your location: fixed wireless, optic fibre, VDSL2+ and next-generation satellite. Around 93% of the Australia’s population will be connected with fibre while rural and remote locations will be serviced by fixed wireless and satellite connections.

  4. BENEFITS What are the benefits for my business? The nbn will revolutionise the way you do business. Not only will you get faster connections and consistent speeds, the nbn will enable businesses to take advantage of digital technologies regardless of their location, gain valuable access to new markets and compete on a global scale. As the NBN (National Broadband Network) replaces our existing copper wire network, businesses will have access to high-speed internet and improved phone services, along with smart solutions like cloud services, video calls, live chat and remote working.

  5. CHECK AVAILABILITY When will I get nbn? The nbn is now rolling out across Australia. Some areas are already nbn ready, while new areas are being connected every month. To find out when your area will get nbn check out the interactive rollout map. And there’s no need to worry, you will be given plenty of notice when nbn is coming to your area. Plus, if you are a Commander customer we’ll keep you updated on the latest nbn plans and let you know when it’s time to switch over and get connected. You can also sign up here on the Commander website to stay informed about when the nbn is about to hit your area.

  6. NBN DATA PLANS Which nbn plan is best for me? We have a range of different plans, but we can help you find the right plan for you depending on the size of your business, the speed of the service you require as well as the monthly data allowance you need. And you can save even more by bundling your Commander nbn Broadband plan with a Commander Phone plan.

  7. NBN PHONE PLANS Which phone plan is suited for me? When it comes to choosing a nbn phone plan, you first want to find out if your current office phones are suited to make and receive calls over the nbn network. If your office phones are capable of making and receiving calls over the nbn network, you simply require a Commander Smart Voice plan when you sign up a nbn plan with us. If you require office phones, then our Commander Phone is your choice.

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  9. CONTACT US CONTACT US Address: website Gmail Phone: 07 3426 6900 Unit 29 / 121 Kerry Road Archer field QLD 4108