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  1. TOP 10 CUTEST DOG BREEDS TOP 10 CUTEST DOG BREEDS If you are a dog lover, any puppy will look cute to you. There are some breeds cuter than others, which makes them irresistible. Many of these breeds are famous, and occasionally you will see them in commercials and marketing advertisements. If you are thinking to get a small puppy, you should do some research before getting one. There are dogs which are cute and others are cuddly. Some dogs have different personalities, you should know which one will suit you before getting one.

  2. Here are top 10 Cutest Dog breeds: 1. Pomsky puppies: This breed of dog is extremely cute. They are a cross between husky and Pomeranian. They vary in size, marking, and features. Pomsky Puppies are very energetic and friendly, which makes them great playmates and pets for kids. With little grooming and care, they can quickly become part of the family. 2. Chihuahua: This dog is known for nipping at children and barking at strange dogs. It can become louder and demanding sometimes, but before you say no to this one, you should know they are loyal and affectionate. They easily get along with cats, after some adjustment. 3. Boston Terrier:This dog is friendly and blend well with kids. They don’t require much grooming, but they like to munch on items and chew toys. You don’t have to give things to them that you don’t want to be destroyed. 4. Jack Russel Terrier:If you want to have a dog that is quiet and like to be papered a lot, choose this one. Jack Russel is an active breed that likes to jump on furniture, run around, and live a happy life. With proper training, you can make them calm. 5. Maltese:If you have some sort of allergy, this dog will suit you well because it’s not a shedder. They are friendly and get along very well with cats and other dogs. They don’t like to be left alone because they are bred to be companions.

  3. 6. Shih Tzu: This dog requires grooming on a regular basis. You can call them mini lions because of their overall look. They are good for the family and get along with children and other animals. 7. Bichon Frise: They get along with other animals and children, they are especially known for their puffy coat. Bichon are very active and you can train them much easier than other breed of dogs. 8. Dachshund:These dogs make excellent watchdog, they were actually bred to eliminate vermin. Dachshund are attached to owners and can be aggressive in front of unfamiliar children. This breed of dog is very adventurous, daring, and fond of digging and tracking. 9. 10. Pekingese:This small dog is very faithful and good watchdog. They have very aggressive nature, so if there are other pets and too many kids, they may not be a good choice for you. They have thick, coarse overcoat that need regular grooming. 11. Skye Terrier:If you have a cat, you shouldn’t get this one because they dislike feline persuasion. These dogs are extremely dependable, they get along better than others. They will blend with family much easier than many other breeds.

  4. There are many dogs to suit your lifestyle, you can choose by seeing how the dog will react with your family. Because of too much interbred for years, dogs usually come across congenital defects. If you have decided to choose one, make sure to choose a reputable breeder. Sponsored By: