peoplesoft financials 8 4 readiness ii april 2004 n.
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PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 Readiness II April 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 Readiness II April 2004

PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 Readiness II April 2004

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PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 Readiness II April 2004

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  1. PeopleSoft Financials 8.4Readiness IIApril 2004

  2. Objectives of Readiness II • Familiarize campus with Phase II • Give overview of changes with new modules • Detail upcoming training sessions/timeline • Review Chart of Account changes from Phase I

  3. Objectives of Readiness II (cont’d) • Give brief overview of what’s not changing (yet) • Share what Readiness II will not cover • Show where to find additional resources and help including training on Phase I modules

  4. Why the new system? • Full integration of all UD systems • UD is moving away from stand-alone mainframe systems • Web based, point and click software • Improvements to reporting capabilities for campus • EZQ’s – pre-written queries • Better and easier ad hoc reporting • More accessible data • for example cash deposit detail

  5. 2003 2004 2005 July July PHASE II Grants Module Proposal Processing, Grant Reports Asset Management Accounts Receivable Module Cash Transmittals Billing Module (non-student) Invoices PHASE I General Ledger (GL) Module Includes Labor Allocation Module for salary distributions Accounts Payable (AP) Module Purchase Order (PO) Module

  6. A brief review… • Quick overview of new PS “chartfields” that changed with Phase I • For those who are not familiar with “Purpose,” “Account,” “Class,” etc in PeopleSpeak, here’s a quick lesson • And an introduction to the three new GRANTS chartfields

  7. PeopleSoft UD Legacy Chartfield Comparison old UD account code Purpose Account Code

  8. PeopleSoft Chartfields • PURPOSE • Corresponds to legacy UD 11-digit account code or legacy UD 14-digit asset/liability account • An activity that can have revenue, expense, and balance sheet components • 10 alphanumeric characters • HNSC412118

  9. PeopleSoft UD Legacy Chartfield Comparison old UD account code Purpose Account Code Account Object Code

  10. PeopleSoft Chartfields • ACCOUNT (PSACCT) • Corresponds to legacy 3 digit object code • Classifies transactions as expenditure, revenue, asset, liability, or equity • 6 alphanumeric characters • Old object code 211 is now 121100

  11. PeopleSoft UD Legacy Chartfield Comparison old UD account code Purpose Account Code Account Object Code Class Line Number

  12. PeopleSoft Chartfields • CLASS • Corresponds to UD 3 digit salary line number • A budget line associated with a position within the University • 3 alpha or numeric characters

  13. PeopleSoft UD Legacy Chartfield Comparison Other Chartfields in Phase I Project No UD equivalent Funding sources and agency codes Source UD User Field No UD equivalent Fund Fund/Fund Type Dept ID Administrative Unit Program Expense Function

  14. Chartfield Comparison New Chartfields for GRANTS in Phase II PeopleSoft UD Legacy Resource Type No UD equivalent Resource Category No UD equivalent Resource Sub-Category No UD equivalent

  15. Speedtypes • 10-character field which provides default values for several chartfields • Expedites filling in forms with default values by entering this one field instead of each one separately • BE CAREFUL! The Speedtype and Purpose are often the same – but not always! (Some Purposes have multiple Speedtypes for different Programs.)

  16. Speedtypes • Enter Speedtype (ex: “CHEM110000”) into Speedtype field and the following chartfields are filled in: • Purpose • Fund • Program • Project (can be changed) • Source (can be changed) • DeptID

  17. CHEG312123 121100 ABC OPBAL RSCH1 CHEG31212302000 3313040000 03110 0000000415 12345 67890 45678 Purpose & Speedtype Account Class Fund Program Project (can be changed) Source (can be changed) Dept ID UD User Field(optional) Resource Type(optional) Resource Category(optional) Resource Sub-category(optional) Chartfield Mapping Chemical Engineering Grant 3-1-21-3110-93-211-130

  18. WARNING! Webforms - Do not change “open” fields unless you are sure of what you are doing! Consult your Communications/Training Team member if you need assistance!

  19. Webforms and Speedtypes • Speedtype populates: Fund, Program, Department, Project, Source, and Purpose. • Account is only chartfield that must be filled in • Speedtype will default Project and Source (but they can be changed) • Optional chartfields: User Field, Resource Type, Resource Category, and Resource Sub-category entry required new new new

  20. Now we’ll look at what’s new for Phase II...

  21. What’s new in July 2004? • Grants Module • Accounts Receivable Module • Web Cash Transmittal Form • Billing Module (non-student only) • Student billing remains in SIS for now • Asset Management Module

  22. The New Modules…. • Grants Module • Replaces Grants Management System (GMS) • Grants will use new web forms and PeopleSoft screens • Complete details to follow in training • GMS is expected to be turned off 7/1/04 • If you have proposals with 7/1/04 due dates, we recommend completing them early in GMS • OVPR will give more definitive details of cut-off dates and with plenty of notice. • GMS data are being migrated into PSoft.

  23. Grants Webforms/Processes • Pre-Award PeopleSoft screens • Proposal Entry • Proposal Budget Entry • Pre-Award Webforms • Proposal Approval • Existing HR Employee Demographic Data being adapted for additional faculty biographic information

  24. Grants Webforms/Processes (cont’d) • Post Award Webforms • Budget Revision for Contracts & Grants • Existing Journal Voucher being changed to accept Empl ID and Effort Period for Effort Reporting • Post Award PeopleSoft screens • Delivered Inquiries • Effort Reports to be handled via the web (late in 2004)

  25. A sneak peek at Proposal Approval Summary webform (top)

  26. Proposal Approval Summary (middle)

  27. Proposal Approval Summary (bottom)

  28. Grants Reporting • GM_EZQ’s (pre-written queries) are being written for Grants data • Grants tables will be added for ad hoc reporting in PS Query • Post-Award spending reporting will be done with new Grants tables and new EZQ’s • Some Post-Award reporting with existing EZQ’s will still be available (GL data)

  29. More New Modules… • Accounts Receivable Module • Access to inquiry pages will be available to campus users • limited access to view receivables • reporting capabilities with EZQ’s (pre-written queries) • NEW Cash Transmittal Form • Billing Module • Non-student miscellaneous billing • Invoices generated through A/R system for goods/services • Replace old “999” system for billing in SIS and FFAR’s

  30. A/R and Billing Webforms • Cash Transmittal (you will print summary and forward to Cashiers with cash/checks, credit card payments and pre-deposits) • Non-Student Billing • Non-Student Bill Adjustment

  31. A peek at the Web Cash Transmittal(step 1)

  32. Web Cash Transmittal (after “Add line”)

  33. A look at one of the Non-Student Billing webforms…

  34. Non-Student Billing webform after customerandbilling frequencychosen (top)

  35. Non-Student Billing (bottom of same step)

  36. A/R and Non-Student Billing Reporting • PSoft delivered “Inquiry Pages” will be available for non-student billing information • Departmental cash deposit details will be available through EZQ’s (pre-written queries)

  37. Last Phase II module... • Asset Management Module • Replace the PPR system (Plant Property Records) • Also augments the existing Facilities’ location/building database • One new webform • Equipment Relocation and Voucher Web Form

  38. A look at the Equipment Relocation & Funding Change webform(Step 2)

  39. Equipment Relocation & Funding Change (after “Are funding changes required? = yes”)

  40. A word about PeopleSoft “instances”...

  41. Instances • What is an instance? • Different PeopleSoft databases are used for Reporting and Production • FIRPT – Financials Reporting – most users will utilize FIRPT for daily workload • FIPRD – Financials Production – limited Grants and Billing users will have access to FIPRD for data entry or inquiry • Keep track of different instances by renaming link in Internet Explorer or Netscape • Favorites or Bookmarks

  42. Other recent changes you should know about...

  43. Other new forms/processes • Procurement Services • FAIs (Requests for Service) – conversion under way to move to Procurement “Pro” card system (this is how UD Mart works) • Business Expense Report (BER) webform– now available

  44. Other related changes coming soon...

  45. Other Upcoming Changes • HR webforms will be changed to reflect new chartfields • Additional information will come from HR • New grants chartfields will be added to existing web forms including: • journal voucher • procurement forms • new BER webform

  46. Other Upcoming Changes (cont’d) • Budget Turn Around Next Generation • New web-based system coming in May • Training will be available from the Budget Office and Human Resources

  47. Other Upcoming Changes (cont’d) • MVS/GA-QRY - mainframe system • Will continue to be updated from PeopleSoft Financials after 7/1/04 for a limited period of time • Data Warehouse • Will continue to be updated after 7/1/04 for a limited period of time • Data will be available for historical reporting

  48. Other Upcoming Changes (cont’d) • UD Central Authentication Service • Has been SSN and PIN • Is being replaced by UNIX username and password • Currently you can choose between SSN/PIN or UNIX username/password • After 8/15/04, SSN/PIN will no longer be available

  49. UD Central Authentication Service

  50. What’s not changing ...