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How to fix a brother printer? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to fix a brother printer?

How to fix a brother printer?

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How to fix a brother printer?

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  1. How to fix a brother printer?

  2. Introduction of brother It is a Japanese company and they manufacture electronics products and it’s headquarter is situated in Nagoya, Japan Some of the products that they produce are printers, desktop computers, label printers, fax machine Products of this company are sold under their own name and under original equipment manufacturer.

  3. How to fix a brother printer? Steps to fix these problem: • Check if there are any jams or blockage in the printer and if you find any then clean it • If there are print jobs in the queue then delete it. Navigate to control box of printer and double snap on printer that you want to select and delete any print jobs • Unplug the printer and turn it off. Hang on for 30 seconds and then print it on again

  4. 4. Computer will be restarted. All programs will be closed and computer will be shut down and hang on for some seconds. Turn your printer off and printer will be restarted and computer • 5. Select the printer after going to printer panel and ‘delete’ option will be selected there. Select ‘add printer wizard’ and add printer again. • 6. Go to brother website and download the latest drivers and find the latest drivers there. Right click on the printer will be perform and ‘properties’ will be clicked. Find the button that says ‘update driver’. After selection wizard will be pointed to find the new drivers available in download

  5. Thank you