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Facebook Photo Album Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Facebook Photo Album Tutorial

Facebook Photo Album Tutorial

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Facebook Photo Album Tutorial

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  1. Facebook Photo Album Tutorial Andrea Kayne Jennifer Platte Amanda Boltrick

  2. Introduction • Goal: In this 20 minute tutorial, you will produce a photo album on the website • Purpose: You will learn to create an album, upload photos from your hard drive, and edit/tag/organize them • Scope: This tutorial will prepare you to socially interact with other Facebook users through shared photos

  3. Step 1: Create a Photo Album • Go to and login to your account, viewing your Home Page • Click on “Photos” from the left-hand menu (under “Applications”) • You will be linked to the Add New Photos page. • There are two tabs: “Create Album” and “Mobile Photos” • Continue working under the “Create Album” tab • Type in album information • “Name”, “Location”, “Description” • Decide privacy settings • “Visible to:” dropdown menu and limited profile check box) • Click on create album link (next to cancel)

  4. Step 2: Locate and Upload Photos • Locate photo files • Expanding desktop link (+ to -) • Click on specified file folder that contains photos (My Pictures) • Select all if desired, or add manually (up to 60/album) • Slide mouse over featured/desired photos (red box) • Rotate photo clockwise or counter clockwise (if needed) by clicking arrow(s) in bottom corners of photo (only when scrolled over) • Click the check box in top left corner to include photo in upload • Upload • Should automatically load • Click OK to Facebook upload prompt “upload successful!”

  5. Step 3: Add Captions • A completed upload automatically directs you to the Edit Album Page “Edit Album – My First Photo Album” • 5 tabs to choose from: “Edit Photos”, “Add More”, “Organize”, “Edit Info”, “Delete” • “Edit Photos” Tab • Add caption • Select album cover by clicking bullet beneath photo • If you desire to delete photos, click the delete this photo checkbox. They won’t automatically be deleted. • If another album exists and you wish to move a selected photo to it, click on the “move to:” drop down box and highlight title of desired relocation

  6. Step 4: Tag People • Drag mouse over photo (cross mouse will appear) and click on person for a new feature box to display over person • This new feature box shows says, “Type name of person in featured text box and click tag.” Which is exactly what you need to do! • OR scroll through the name list and click on the box to the left of the desired tagging name

  7. Step 5: Organize Photo Order • Click on photos individually and drag them in front of, or behind, photos to rearrange the viewing order

  8. Conclusion • Now you have learned the neat skillz of adding photo albums to facebook! • Etc.