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Equity Market in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Equity Market in India

Equity Market in India

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Equity Market in India

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  1. Equity Market in India • Equity Market is the market in which shares are issued and traded, either through exchanges or over the counter markets. Equity market is also known as Stock Market. There are two types of equity market Primary and Secondary. • The primary market is a market for new issues. It deals with raising of fresh capital in the form of equities. Secondary market deals with equities already issued.

  2. TYPES OF EQUITY CAPITAL Companies raise capital through equities, which can be classified into Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares.     I.        Equity / Ordinary Shares :- Equity shares are also known as Ordinary Shares, Every company has to issue equity shares. Equity capital is also known as owned Capital or Risk Capital or Venture Capital. Indian Companies Act, 1956 defines equity shares as “those shares which are not preference shares.”

  3.  Features Of Equity Shares  a)        Permanent Capital b)        Fluctuating Dividend c)        Limited Liability d)        Voting Rights e) Right To Control :- f)        Pre - Emotive Rights g)        Increases Shareholders Wealth

  4. Preference Shares Preference share capital is a type of long-term capital. It combines the features of equity shares and debentures. It is an ownership security like an ordinary share, but it carries fixed rate of dividend like debentures. The holders of preference shares are entitled to income after the claims of creditors of the company have been met, but before ordinary shareholders receive any income.

  5. Features a)        Fixed Dividend  b)        Voting Rights c)        Convertibility d)        Redeemability e)        Cumulative Dividends f)         Prior Claim On Income / Assets

  6. Types Of Preference Shares a.        Cumulative And Non – Cumulative b.        Redeemable And Non – Redeemable c.        Participating And Non – Participating d.        Convertible And Non – Convertible