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Presentation Name Date and Time. 2013 Medical Plan Comparison. Two New Medical Plans in 2013!. Point of Service ( POS ) a nd Health Savings Account ( HSA ). Point Of Service (POS). Co-pays for office visits and prescriptions Deductible and co-insurance for lab/x-rays & hospital

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  1. Presentation Name Date and Time 2013 Medical Plan Comparison

  2. Two New Medical Plans in 2013! • Point of Service (POS) • and • Health Savings Account (HSA)

  3. Point Of Service (POS) • Co-paysfor office visits and prescriptions • Deductible and co-insurance for lab/x-rays & hospital • Incentivesavailable to reduce deductible • Competitive employee contributions

  4. Health Savings Account (HSA) • Deductible and co-insurance for office visits, prescriptions, lab/x-rays & hospital • EHC contributions and incentives help you fund a pre-tax Health Savings Account (HSA) and reduce your deductible • Lowest employee contributions of both plans

  5. Both POS and HSA Medical Plans: • Coverroutine preventive care services at 100% when provider is in EPN or Aetna In-Network • Use same provider networks • Cover prescription drugs and behavioral health • Offer incentives for participating in wellness activities • Have an out of pocket maximum to provide financial protection • Have unlimited lifetime maximum

  6. Two Medical Plans:Take a Closer Look • Choosing the Right Medical Plan For You and Your Family

  7. Now that we’ve watched the video, let’s go into a little more detail … • The next slide gives a detailed comparison of the two medical plans. POS vs. HSA

  8. As mentioned, this year you can earn incentives through both plans for participating in wellness activities.

  9. Incentive – Health Assessment & Biometrics BOTH must be completed to receive incentive • Health Assessment • Log on to Aetna Navigator and complete your Health Assessment • Biometrics Screening (New) • Onsite screenings or • Annual physical at physician’s office

  10. Incentive – Chronic Disease Management • Program provides support and assistance to those with a • chronic condition. Diseases can include diabetes, high blood • pressure and high cholesterol. • Employee or enrolled spouse/partner are eligible • Referred through diagnosis, physician or self-referral • 4 completed phone contacts qualify for incentive

  11. 2013 Employee Contribution Rates Remember EHC already pays 80% of the total premium. You pay 20%.

  12. How Can You Reduce Medical Expenses? • All of these help you reduce your medical costs! • Use the Aetna Plan Cost & Comparison Tool to estimate your expenses • Take advantage of tax savings plans • Flexible Spending Account (POS only) • Health Savings Account (HSA only) • Get your annual physical • Learn your biometric numbers • Make healthy lifestyle choices

  13. 2013 Annual Enrollment – Make Changes Online

  14. Enrollment Timeline

  15. Questions? Contact Benefits • Call: 404-686-6044 • Email: EHC.HR/Benefits@emoryhealthcare.org

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