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Children Learning Programs | kid coders Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Children Learning Programs | kid coders Singapore

Children Learning Programs | kid coders Singapore

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Children Learning Programs | kid coders Singapore

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  1. HOW ADVANCED ARE THE TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR KID CODERS IN SINGAPORE AND THEIR RELEVANCE Writing software programming code is an art. This art teaches the coder to code in a fashion that can be easily understood by the computer as well as can be beneficial for future references. Some people find a lot of error while compiling, despite having a great programming knowledge. Any incredible logic goes in vain for such small errors. This is where art of code writing comes handy. In a competitive IT market, any little error can be judgmental. More the proficiency you acquire in terms of writing the codes better is the edge you get during competitions. Writing the codes flawlessly matters more than simply acquiring too much of knowledge, but failing to execute it. This is the reason it is advised for the modern-day parents to make their kids aware coding techniques from an early age, especially if they aspire to be an IT professional in future.

  2.  PERFECTLY ORGANIZED Good to see is the growing number of Children Learning Programs Singapore available for IT education. Interestingly, they employ instructors from top universities. Basically, here the kids are taught about the art of code writing in Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Swift, etc. One can choose a suitable course as per his child’s interest and age. There is no restrain in terms of language as well; they teach you as per the language your child was taught with during last coding session.     Normally these learning programs are set as per the age groups. In general, the kids are divided in to two groups. One of the groups comprise of kids in between 8-12 years, and the rest one is for 13-18 years.

  3.  HOW ENRICHED IS THEIR TEACHING? The best part about these institutions is the flexibility they offer. No need to learn again the same aspects if you have learnt it before. One can join the higher level classes as well, moving over the fundamentals (if already learnt). The prime intention of such classes is to make the kid coders Singapore get used-to with the real time programming style and concept. 

  4.  HOW ENRICHED IS THEIR TEACHING? For example, there are leading institutions where the kids are taught about coding through Swift, which is used by the coders over the globe to develop applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In fact, the classes are provided through Swift Playgrounds, which is an app developed by Apple explicitly for iPads to be used by the kids for learning to write the codes. At the same time, they are also made used to with Xcode, the coding platform used by the professional app developers for their iOS and OSX developments. 

  5. These institutions are pretty much resourced with high-end technicalities. Even the children here are provided with high-end devices through which the latest codes can be compiled. Kids are made fundamentally strong about various programming concepts like loops, variables, functions, etc, for the perfect learning.  In short, joining the classes of such can make a child very much confident in future while writing the codes. Moreover, they will never be scared of competitions. 

  6. Contact us Address: 1 Marine Parade Central #03-04 Singapore 449408 Phone: 9234-5731  Email : Website :