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Chiropractor Mission Viejo - CA PowerPoint Presentation
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Chiropractor Mission Viejo - CA

Chiropractor Mission Viejo - CA

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Chiropractor Mission Viejo - CA

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  2. CHIROPRACTIC CARE SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY CHIROPRACTIC CARE CENTER FOCUSES ON ELIMINATING THE CAUSE OF YOUR CONDITION Detecting the true cause of your condition is Dr. Winchell’s focus. He seeks to find and correct dysfunction in your nervous system that weakens your overall health and performance at his South Orange County chiropractic care center. The nervous system controls all the functions of the human body. If the nerve impulses traveling through your body are weakened by misalignments (also called subluxations) and swelling, the affected areas of your body will not be able to function properly. This often results in illness and/or pain.

  3. GENTLE ADJUSTMENTS ACTIVATOR CHIROPRACTOR -- SAFE AND GENTLE ADJUSTMENTS WITH NO CRACKING Dr. Winchell only uses the best natural pain treatments for his patients, so he chooses Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and Impulse Adjusting Instrument for their proven effectiveness and safety, and the gentleness that his patients appreciate. The soft tap of a gentle mechanical adjustment technique allows Dr. Winchell to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and provide a measured, precise movement to the vertebrae or joint bones to relieve your pain without any discomfort, cracking or popping usually experienced with traditional manual adjustments

  4. ERCHONIA COLD LASER THERAPY THE LASER THERAPY CHOICE OF ATHLETES You have probably heard the buzz in Orange County about Cold Laser Therapy for pain. Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy has been featured on TV shows like Dr. Oz, Nightline, Good Morning American, Rachel Ray and The Doctors. Athletes from professional teams like NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL seek Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy, as well as celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi, Randy Travis and Celine Dion. During the peak of his career, Tiger Woods relied on Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy to speed up tissue recovery and decrease healing time.

  5. NEUROPATHY NEUROPATHY IS A SERIOUS CONDITION Peripheral Neuropathy is a painful condition caused by damage to the nerves that radiate out of your spine to your arms and legs. This potentially disabling condition interferes with your body’s ability to deliver messages between your brain, muscles, joints, skin, or other organs. When the brain and nerves are not communicating properly, you may feel unusual and often painful sensations.  If ignored or not treated correctly, neuropathy can lead to irreversible damage and health conditions, including amputation in the most severe cases. Fortunately, with early detection and proper treatment, most cases of peripheral neuropathy progression may be stopped, or reversed and healed.

  6. PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY NATURAL PAIN RELIEF. NO DRUGS. NO SURGERY Studies show that patients who see conventional doctors for traditional treatment of drugs or surgery get a reduction in low back pain only half of the time after four weeks of treatment. But patients that get treatment with a chiropractor for low back pain get a reduction in low back pain 94% of the time after four weeks. In fact, after an extensive study of all available care for low back problems, the Federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality recommended that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative care first. And it recommended spinal manipulation as the only safe and effective, drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems

  7. DISC TREATMENT HERNIATED AND BULGING DISC PAIN RELIEF WITH NO DRUGS & NO SURGERY Disc disorders refer to a problem with the rubbery cushion between the bones that stack to form your spine. Think of a jelly donut with a soft center surrounded by a firmer ring. Herniated discs are in one of four stages of degeneration, from a bulging nucleus to a ruptured outer ring. The terms herniated disc, bulging disc, ruptured disc or torn disc are often used to describe the stages of severity. According to Mayo Clinic, treatment for most patients with a disc disorder do not normally include surgery, and 80% of patients will respond to chiropractic treatment when a proper treatment schedule is completed.

  8. PHYSICAL THERAPY ORANGE COUNTY PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR MAXIMUM RELIEF AND RECOVERY While physical therapy does not treat the root of your condition, it does, however, help to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and promote healing.  Types of physical therapy that my be included in your Orange County physical therapy treatment include: inferential current therapy, intersegmental spinal mobilization, trigger point therapy, cryotherapy, supports, and/or rehabilitative exercises.

  9. WEIGHT LOSS REVERSING CAUSES OF WEIGHT GAIN Dr. Winchell's Nutritional & Laser Weight Loss program addresses the key causes of difficult weight loss and boosts loss with fat melting laser treatments. Most people think that their difficulty losing weight is due to eating too much or exercising too little. But, it is more than that. Science shows that stubborn weight is commonly the result of dysfunction in one or more body systems, such as intestinal health, thyroid imbalance, metabolism, hormone imbalance, hypothalamus dysfunction, or sluggish adrenal glands.

  10. Contact US Owner : Tami Winchell 25102-C Marguerite PkwyMission Viejo, CA 92692Ralph's Shopping CenterMarguerite at La Paz Phone No. : (949) 472-4114 Email -